We love math

This is your official content warning: this magazine issue contains articles with numbers and mathematical language. Reader patience is advised! To redeem ourselves, this month’s lead article, Capital Investment by Chris Smyth, is the result of many requests from readers like yourself for a how-to about the math. In particular, Smyth addresses methods for deciding if you should invest in new equipment. Further, he takes you through different avenues of financing if you have made the decision to buy. Presenting the advice of practitioner Sonya Kopecky Duffand, a key account manager at SL Financial Services Canada and academic Dr. Goss, Professor at Ryerson (who in fact is a GCM graduate with roots in the industry—and my old finance professor, but that’s clearly a tangent!) Continuing in the vain of equipment and money, monthly columnist Diana Brown discusses a few options for Management Information Systems (MIS). There are of course many more companies delivering MIS solutions, however these are highly specialized for the printer and worth investigating.

To help alleviate the math headache, we also have several excellent marketing articles this issue. If you are not yet a member of the DIA or missed the recent meeting, Myrna Penny reviews the highlights of the event. The focus of the article is digital media. The event speakers seem to be in agreement that print is not being replaced with digital, and that there is a place for both marketing avenues to prosper. Looking into the future however, it is likely that a partnership with digital marketing and printing companies would be beneficial.

Continuing the conversation about technology, Kelly Robertson takes your through some tips on common mistakes to avoid in webinars. For example, having the speaker using speakerphone, which I think makes it sound like they’re sitting in a bathroom. On the topic of technology that is more directly tied to print, Peter Dulis writes about fabric printing. In particular, he looks at several digital technologies that are up-and-coming. My favourite is the new direct to garment digital printers that allow you to print your designs right onto the fabric.

Without a doubt this is an educational issue! And if you haven’t had enough, this month’s 101 article is all about training and education. Diana reviews a great list of books for print beginners, and includes a wonderful list of online resources, ideas for training and associations that can help! Of course that leads me to my last and final note, if you have a print background and adore education be sure to check out the GCM job posting at www.ryerson.ca/jobs

Happy egg hunting to all!