For the record: Don Gain

I recently chatted with Donald N. Gain, President of Harmony Printing in Etobicoke, Ontario who has seen a lot evolve in his more than four decades in this industry.

You purchased Harmony Printing in 1988 and have guided it from a small shop to one of the most successful and respected mid-sized printers in the industry. What were some of the key turning points?

Research and development 101

A strong research and development (R&D) focus allows individuals, businesses, industries and the world to rise up against mediocrity and achieve greatness. Technological advancements happen because of R&D efforts, and without the numerous innovators throughout history who believed that the printing press could be improved, we may still be printing on converted wine presses.

Innovation delivers results and money from CRA

Every year printing companies in Canada are receiving government tax credits or cheques adding up to millions courtesy of the SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) tax credit, a federal tax incentive program, administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) encouraging businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct R&D. Is your business one of them? If not, you need to learn about this. Attendees at the Digital Imaging Association’s meeting on April 20 were able to do just that.

Product profile: automation

Automation is the process of using technology to make repetitive tasks easier and to reduce human intervention to a minimum. Increased technological advancements enable enhanced levels of productivity in our everyday lives, from automated home appliances to alarm clocks that wake us up when we want, to cars that automatically regulate the internal temperature of the vehicle. We all experience automation daily in our personal lives, and we can also experience automation in our printing lives, too. From front-end processes, to the pressroom floor, to bindery and post-bindery, the automated options for our industry are growing at a steady pace.

A good attitude and openness to technology

At the end of every academic year, Ryerson University hosts a conference that addresses education. The conference theme this year was teaching today’s learners. Two ideas dawned on me during the day that I thought were relevant to our readers. Stephen Lewis, a man of many credentials — politician, diplomat, humanitarian, and educator – spurred the first. He is arguably one of Canada’s best public speakers. He talked to us about the struggles faced by people infected with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Publisher’s note: June 2011

At press time, Canada Post rejected the latest contract proposal from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. CUPW had previously voted in favour of strike action if necessary. The union represents about 50,000 workers across Canada and its contract expired on January 31 of this year. Needless to say, a strike would have a huge negative impact on our industry, so let’s hope a negotiated settlement can be reached quickly.

The Digital Print Forum

Interquest returned to Toronto, and Ryerson University, to host a full day of seminars on Wednesday May 11. Based in Virginia, Interquest ( is an International leader in marketing research and consulting for electronic printing and publishing.