Bioplastics: an emerging trend

Bioplastics are an emerging and growing trend in the packaging industry. But before these plastics are discussed in more detail one needs to know what bioplastics are. Bioplastics are plastics that are based on raw materials from renewable sources and that they can be recycled through composting. Most of us have come in contact with a bioplastic in the form of the liner bag for the kitchen garbage that goes into the green bin for curb-side collection. The first time I came in contact with this type of plastic I realized that it felt different from the known plastics. This is quite understandable since bioplastics are made from a different type of polymer than the plastics that are based on petrochemicals.

Product profile: This month’s topic: Substrates

Automation is the process of using technology to make repetitive tasks easier and to reduce human intervention to a minimum. Increased technological advancements enable enhanced levels of productivity in our everyday lives, from automated home appliances to alarm clocks that wake us up when we want, to cars that automatically regulate the internal temperature of the vehicle. We all experience automation daily in our personal lives, and we can also experience automation in our printing lives, too. From front-end processes, to the pressroom floor, to bindery and post-bindery, the automated options for our industry are growing at a steady pace.

14 signs that you’re a sales zombie

A recent editor’s note in a sleep products magazine discussed how many people suffer from poor sleep and the editor referred to these individuals as zombies. Instantly, I thought of dozens of salespeople I have encountered over the years who could be classified as zombies, too.

Here are 14 signs that you might be turning into a sales zombie.

Google+ …A plus for small businesses?

If you weren’t already overwhelmed with the number of online networking platforms floating around on the Web, Google has just launched a new social media tool called Google . In hopes of competing with Facebook (after previous attempts at social networking by Google have gone the way of the Dodo) this service is looking like it might actually stick around. Though it is still in its early days and not everyone has access yet, the positive buzz around Google can’t be ignored.

3D printer makes organs for transplant

In January 2011, we reported on the rapid growth of 3D design technology in product development and online consumer 3D print services, and the growing adoption of 3D software in architecture, interior design and manufacturing, resulting in a strong demand for 3D printers to produce these prototypes.

Syncing contacts in the Cloud

Q. I have thousands of contacts in my MobileMe account, and I am having trouble editing them. If I edit them on my iPhone, iPad or my Mac the old contact records keep coming back. How can I edit them and stop the duplicate address?

Canada Post wars

Controversy and some common-sense strategies for your survival

So while some of the best U.S. thinkers gathered at the Postal Vision 2020 Conference June 15 to offer workable strategies to rescue their postal service, what did we do afterwards here in Canada? We endured another strike! As a result, many printers and related service providers lost income – even though postal workers were legislated back to work in a relatively short time.

Postal Vision 2020

Experts gather to offer solutions for America’s postal dilemma

Edited excerpts from an article by Clint Bolte, Growth Management Consultant to the printing industry worldwide (

Financing 101

So you have a great business idea and you’re ready to move forward with it, but how do you secure the necessary capital to build your dream? There are a number of options available, which will be discussed in brief and additional insights will be left up to the financial pros in the “Resources” section.

Social media for the printer

For several years social media has been a hot topic; however, now we are seeing an industry beginning to build around this new means of communication. There was a period during which it was hard to tell what business impact social media would have, if any! Today, a majority agree that social media is not a disappearing fad. This new way of communicating with customers needs to be understood by companies both large and small.