PowerSWITCH 10 and Chili Publisher 2.0: hot new upgrades


Enfocus started off the Chili Publisher World Tour by announcing the addition of Chili Publish as a Crossroads Application Partner. Chili Publisher was showcased in the October 2011 Tour in New York, London, Paris and other cities. Among the new features were the Chili Publish Plugin for SWITCH, the Chili Publish Flash Viewer and the Chili Publish iPad Reader. The Crossroads partnership gives SWITCH and its counterparts a connection directly into web portals via Chili Publisher API.

The Chili Publisher Plugin for SWITCH

SWITCH adds automation to the upload of images into Chili or the creation of documents into user spaces. Flows can carry files, images, fonts and uploads to Chili Publisher for customers to make changes, additions or approvals. The automation ensures that files are created the same way each time for each customer.

Chili Publisher also generates quality output that can be sent to SWITCH automated flows. These formats can be created from layout files in Chili Editor:

PDF, Chili Publish Flash Viewer, Chili Publish iPad Reader

All output can also include interactive content such as:

• Hyperlinks

• Bookmarks

• Videos

• Image slideshows

Chili Publisher 2.0 uses Adobe Flex which supports Android, iPad, BlackBerry etc. Follow www.Crossroads-World.com for further announcements on Chili Publisher.

SWITCH and its latest update have added many new features to FullSWITCH and PowerSWITCH:

The all-new Database module

Customized scripting and integration is no longer required. The Database module establishes a connection to a MIS or any database. A high expertise level is not required allowing most to integrate with their own system. The ODBC connector helps you establish a connection and see the data you need for your everyday production.

• Use data from your database in the same environment as you would use regular variables

• The Database connector allows you to read, write and delete data from your database

• Pass database information to your customers using Pitstop Connect

• Create production steps using SwitchClient by passing updated data to departments

• Create Status updates allowing your production departments and customers to view status

The New SwitchClient is now available on iPad

The same setups you have using the regular SwitchClient application will allow you to view messages, database Status updates, metadata, send approvals etc. This is now available at the App Store.

Creative Suites – CS5 Plugin Module

What’s new? Now, all kinds of file types can be sent to InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop. Previously only Photoshop files, Indesign files and Illustrator files were allowed. Illustrator configurator now also accepts job folders allowing automation for linked images in your workflows. InDesign can now automatically export files to ePub within SWITCH.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

This module has been added to all versions of SWITCH 10. This protocol ensures that your company’s files are safely sent and received over the Internet.

SwitchProxy module

The SwitchProxy module is a proxy server that ensures business continuity: clients can always deliver data to your company’s server even while it is being maintained or updated. SwitchProxy is an additional module for FullSwitch and PowerSwitch users.

These upgrades are full of new technology that is in demand right now. Both Chili Publisher and SWITCH will provide the graphic arts industry with the technology they can use on their own to become more competitive and more profitable. Find more information at www.enfocus.com, www.chili-publish.com or book a demonstration to fit your needs by emailing sales@tribay.ca or phoning (416) 729-9687.