Wide-format inkjet: is it the future of the print industry?

Wide-format inkjet printing has been available for some time, but it seems that recently this print technology is making more and more in-roads into print shops. This might be due to the fact that the technology has improved in the last few years and has become more stable and more affordable. Before I talk about wide-format inkjet printing, a brief introduction into the different print technologies used on a wide-format printer is in order. There are two different types of inkjet technologies available that can be used inside a wide-format inkjet printer.

The rise of short run & variable data printing

In recent years, there has been a significant industry-wide shift towards short run digital and variable data printing (VDP) as technological advancements have increased quality, speed and integration into existing workflows. Projects that were once manufactured using traditional offset equipment in large volumes can now be cost-effectively printed in smaller batches, reducing waste and upfront expenditures.

Social Media 101 for Print Shop Owners: Part II

For those starting out with social media, I advise you to start with one tool and get to know it well before trying out the others.  Without a doubt, the first place to start to create a social media presence for yourself is on LinkedIn.  With over 135 million members, it is the largest social network for business professionals online and the best place by far where you can put your professional self forward. Last month I provided tips about how to optimize your profile. This month, I’m offering advice about how you can increase your personal visibility on LinkedIn.

Making print undead

On Wednesday, December 1, 2011 nearly 100 people representing a cross section of our industry came together for the Digital Imaging Association’s traditional Christmas Lunch and Annual General Meeting at the Boulevard Club in Toronto.

Jason Hamilton, the DIA’s President, took care of AGM business and introduced the 2012 Board of Directors:

How to create a killer sales proposal

The vast majority of sales proposals I have read during my career miss the mark. They either do not address the key issues that the prospect is facing or they fail to demonstrate how the prospect will benefit from buying the seller’s solution.

If you need to create proposals, here are a few ways to make yours stand out from the competition’s.

Novelty printing

When you hear the term “novelty printing,” you probably think of corporate logos on pens and “World’s Best Boss” mugs. Yes, it is true that lots of promotional products are considered to be “novelty printing”, but this category can be so much more creative than that. I am pleased to set the record straight and show you examples of clever and innovative novelty printed products. Many of these products do not only cater to one’s sense of sight, but to all five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. Let’s explore five examples of novelty printed products that interact with each of the senses.

Like a dandelion

We are less than four months away from drupa and the atmosphere in the graphic arts industry seems to be quite mixed. There has been considerable bad news recently with companies downsizing, restructuring, or shutting their doors completely. At the same time, others are investing in new technology and generally everyone seems to be excited about drupa!

View from the publisher – February 2012

There’s been a lot of negativity in the trade media lately. It seems that every time there’s one story about a bankruptcy or even a re-structuring, that particular story overrides all other positive articles. In the consumer media, it seems that every time there’s a feature about a new electronic gadget, that it’s invariably accompanied by articles forecasting the demise of some sector of the print industry.