HP helps print service providers increase growth opportunities

designjet z6200HP’s large and wide-format technologies are game changers in the printing industry. With a more efficient workflow, new applications to support businesses and the benefits of Latex technology, HP continues to give customers a competitive edge and increase their growth opportunities. HP’s Scitex and Designjet printers produce results with exceptional speed, reliability and ease of use while lowering the impact of printing on the environment.

HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer

Print servers providers can boost productivity with the HP Designjet Z6200. With turnaround print speeds up to 140 square meters/hour, users will see high quality results at fast speeds. The Printer offers top photo quality like backlit signs and POP displays. In addition, HP Vivid Photo Inks offer remarkable black and white image quality.

One company currently using the HP Designjet Z6200 printer is Photobook Canada (Photobook.com). “The HP Designjet Z6200 printer allows us to produce a large volume of photo book covers at a high quality output,” says Charlene Callaghan, managing director, Photobook Canada. The printer has helped Photobook Canada produce bulk orders for a variety of clients, including non-profit organizations, corporations, professional photographers and Canadian Fashion Week. “The printer is fast, efficient, and our customers are extremely pleased with the end result. In addition, it allows us to produce all of our work in-house,” adds Callaghan.

dj2HP Latex Technology

The HP Designjet L28500 Printer and the HP Designjet L26500 Printer are new product offerings from HP and demonstrate the expansion of the Latex portfolio. Both units are ideal for the growing soft-signage market, high-impact point-of-purchase displays, bus shelters, vehicle graphics and more. They print on a broad range of materials, including vinyl, paper, fabrics and low-cost uncoated options. Both units feature water-based HP 792 Latex Designjet Ink, which produce odourless prints and rich blacks and glossy results on banners, self-adhesive vinyl and across of variety of substrates.

HP Latex inks offer versatility to users. From durable outdoor signage to odourless indoor displays, printing with Latex inks on both coated and uncoated media will enable high-speed, productive printing. In addition, HP Latex inks are developed with HP Thermal Inkjet printheads. These provide high quality and productivity, without requiring daily manual cleaning of printheads.

HP Latex Inks are water-based and offer important advantages over eco-solvent/low-solvent inks used in large format and industrial inkjet printing.

HP EcoSolutions Trained Printing Company program

HP’s EcoSolutions Trained Printing Company program was created to ensure that Latex printer customers receive maximum benefit from the environmental attributes of Latex printers. The program is comprised of free, downloadable training modules, and demonstrates to users that Latex printers are a competitive advantage for PSP’s looking to differentiate their business. The program provides successful trainees with a personalized certificate that they can use for promotional purposes moving forward.

HP Latex University

HP’s recently launched Latex University trains PSPs to successfully produce a wide range of outdoor and indoor wide-format graphics applications with valuable training materials, signage application workshops and informative webinars on HP Latex technologies. The program responds to the growth of HP Latex technologies due to their production of durable, high-quality output on a range of media.

HP’s Latex University gives PSPs online access to industry experts, specialized content application guides and ad-hoc face to face education events in order to help them gain a competitive edge, market their green credentials and attain an understanding of the advantages of HP Latex technologies.

hpsciHP Scitex LX850 Printer

HP Latex printing provides durable outdoor and indoor application versatility and sharp, vivid image quality in addition to reducing the impact of printing on the environment. The HP Scitex LX850 printer delivers maximum versatility and productivity with multiple workflow features, including dual-roll, roll-to-free fall and roll-to-collector handling and an ink collector.

The printer allows customers to accelerate their large format workflows and expand application versatility with a built-in ink collector for fabric printing. The printer produces high image quality on a range of media including economical and uncoated substrates. The printer use HP LX610 Latex Scitex inks which produce eye-catching images on banners and self-adhesive vinyl.

The HP Scitex LX850 printer features automatic printhead testing and servicing systems to reduce manual maintenance and enable reliable unattended printing

HP Latex technologies have helped PrismTech Graphics, located in Burnaby, British Columbia, meet their customer’s environmental standards. “The HP Scitex LX850 has enabled our company to meet the needs of environmentally cautious customer in British Columbia and increase our product offerings,” says Lane Beaton, PrismTech Graphics. “With the HP Scitex LX850 printer, we produce banner stands, posters, banners and point of purchase displays for a variety of clients. The installation has opened the way for printing on unique textile substrates and fabrics such as carpet.” In addition, the printer has helped PrismTech Graphics shift from screen to digital printing which has improved their consistency and efficiency. “Since installing the printer, the quality of our print jobs and speed of operations have increased and our level of wastage and project costs have lowered.”

hpbigHP Scitex FB7500 Printer

The HP Scitex FB7500 printer is designed to produce quality results every time. With a competitive total cost per sheet for production runs and the ability to elevate digital capabilities, the FB7500 printer will help increase productivity with an automated and efficient workflow.

Montreal-based Vivimar Creations Inc.’s installation of the HP Scitex FB7500 printer allows them to offer clients exceptional quality with fast turnaround times. Vivimar’s clients include major retailers, large manufacturers, restaurants, sports franchises, municipalities and outdoor-indoor advertising companies.

“The FB7500 printer enables us to fulfill shorter to medium runs, minimize waste and be more environmentally responsible,” says Michel Moatti, Co-Owner of Montreal-based Vivimar Creations Inc. “We can meet our clients’ needs for creative and customized solutions for promotional and marketing campaigns.”

Vivimar specializes in providing large format digital and screen-printing solutions, including custom signage, point-of-sale, bus shelters, subway platforms, banners, stickers and conceptual displays.

hpsci3HP Scitex FB500 Printer

The HP Scitex FB500 printer allows PSPs to speed up the delivery of orders, load media simultaneously, and print on a variety of applications including rigid and flexible media.

Alberta-based Displayco specialized in business to business tradeshows and point of sales promotions. Displayco’s recently installed HP Scitex FB500 printer helped them meet customer demands in the area.

“Investing in an HP Scitex FB500 Printer has allowed us to increase turnaround,” said Cameron Wheatley, Art Director, Displayco. “We have expanded our horizons and can use materials such as glass, carpet, wood and a host of other finishes.”

In addition, the printer prints at various speeds, up to to 37 m²/hr (398 ft²/hr), creating a combination of fast speeds and high quality.

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