Social Media 101 for Print Shop Owners: Part III

Since my last article, where I reported that LinkedIn had 135 million users, that number has now grown to 150 million members, reinforcing the fact that LinkedIn is still the largest social networking site for business professionals worldwide. Also consider a few other current statistics to further highlight why you and your company need to be on this important social network:

Recruiting 101

Peter Shutz’s philosophy on recruitment is admirable: “Hire character. Train skill.” Although suitable candidates must possess a level of knowledge and skillset to meet the job requirements, having the right attitude, passion and fit with the desired organization is necessary for long-term employee retention and success. Finding the right candidate, who is committed to your organizational goals and believes in your product or service helps to authentically perpetuate your brand.

Create a memorable trade show pitch

In the late 1970’s, one of my favourite television shows was the American sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. The character I remember most was Herbert Ruggles (Herb) Tarlek Jr., played by actor Frank Bonner. Herb was the epitome of bad salesmanship, characterized by his boorish and tasteless approaches to clients. To complete his baboonish portrait, he wore loud plaid suits, with a belt that matched his white shoes.

Paper + digital go phygital

How fitting that during preparation for our green issue one of my lectures at Ryerson was a review of colour psychology. In class we talked about the significance of the colour green in North America. Some of the initial sentiments included talking about growth, springtime, and new beginnings. However, other words began to come up as we ran out of the obvious—jealousy, greed, envy and greenwashing. These present a very different sentiment than the initial offering; an important point because one thing we often forget is that there is always two (if not more) sides to every story.