EPUB vs. PDF – Digital book formats

Readers enthralled by eBooks are showing up more and more on airplanes, buses, subways, doctors’ waiting rooms, and anywhere else people are likely to read. The increasing array of eBook readers has drawn more attention to the EPUB format. So what is this format? How do you design for it? How do you create it? And how does it compare to PDF?

drupa summary

Drupa 2012 was the first drupa show I have attended. Although I heard many stories and descriptions about the size and grandeur of the show from show-veteran colleagues, nothing could have really prepared me for the experience that awaited. Looking back, it was not the sheer size of the booths, or the amazing diversity of technologies that stole the show. For me, it was the statement the show made. Print is strong. Print is powerful, and print is not going anywhere anytime soon. In amongst the business suit-clad showgoers were school groups, parents with children, and people of all ages and walks of life. What a vibrant and energetic place to be!

Canadians rate this year’s drupa

Several Canadian companies, as well as international companies with locations in Canada, made the trip to Düsseldorf. Below are some timely comments from a few Canadian exhibitors and visitors. We also asked them to give the world’s largest printing industry trade show a rating – from ‘One Star’ (poor) to ‘Five Star’ (excellent). We wish we could have included every Canadian who made the trip, but we would need another entire issue for that!

Colour Management: Digital Press Certification

Colour science and “printing to the numbers” is critical to providing consistent quality in the graphic arts industry. It is widely understood that colour reproduction must be accurate and that colour management systems help provide reliability. Reinventing the (colour) wheel for every printing job is time consuming, stressful and an unnecessary practice, especially with the technology available today.

New products

Agfa Graphics launches new high-speed platesetters

The new platesetters for the high-volume newspaper market – the :Advantage N PL HS (Pallet Load, High-Speed) and the :Advantage N TR HS (Trolley Load, High-Speed) – both run at speeds up to 350 plates per hour, 50 plates more than the :Advantage N.

Smart preflight and HP SmartStream in smart automation

Each step in a workflow is performed over and over again, every day. There are subtle changes that can alter its direction. Workflows like these can be fully automated using your existing responses to those subtle changes that define the paths of your workflow.

With the addition of a Preflight and Automation software your existing technology could allow for an automated workflow where a CSR submits a job that is automatically preflighted, imposed and setup for the Indigo press all in one step.

Seven ways to get over your fear of asking for the sale

In the seventeen-plus years I have been working with salespeople and helping them increase their sales, I have noticed that many of them fail to ask for the sale. In my sales training workshops, people express a variety of reasons why they don’t ask for the sale.

Here are seven of the most common reasons why salespeople do not ask for the sale and what you can do about it.

The impact of colour in your exhibition

The success or failure of your exhibition plans can sometimes be linked to something as simple as colour. Colour appears everywhere from your website homepage to your brochure, but at a show the place colour makes its greatest impact is in your display. Yet without some forethought a small miscalculation in choosing the right colour can spell disaster.

Amazing place to be

With a background in book printing, I am seeing this issue through the lens of publishing trends this month. First off, our lead article by Dr. Richard Adams takes a “how-to” approach to eBooks, and in particular, EPUB files. This is a great article if you have been curious about how to work with this file format. While EPUB has been around for some time now, I find that a lot of advancements have occurred quite recently. Prior to InDesign CS 5, exporting to this format was quite messy. Rich’s article includes some interviews with individuals whom I consider Canadian experts in the field. In fact, two of the interviewees (Erin and Nic) are the ones who taught me about eBooks and ePublishing. Small world of printing and publishing it is!

View from the publisher – June 2012

Drupa may be over, but it’s certainly not forgotten. Our own Jason Lisi visited the many buildings at drupa 2012, is still able to walk, and gives you some interesting highlights from his point of view. Meanwhile Tony Curcio has some positive reactions from Canadians who exhibited and visited the big show. Generally speaking, even though attendance was down about 20% from 2008 and the first few days were slow, traffic quickly picked up and most of the 1,850 exhibitors we talked to gave Düsseldorf four stars out of five.

Helping you help your customers – June 2012

Printer Gateway helps clients to solidify their revenue-producing customers with customized web-to-print technology
For over seven years, Printer Gateway, an award-winning trade printer and leader in green printing based in Toronto, has prospered based on many core philosophies. One in particular is that “every customer is not a printing job, but a lifelong partner.” As a result, the company has developed solid print-provider relationships in the trade-only industry across North America.