Inkjet meets packaging

This article will discuss the opportunities for inkjet printing in the packaging industry. Packaging as a whole is a complex industry with many processes and higher barriers to entry than traditional commercial printing. It is also an area of growth and opportunity that did not go unnoticed at drupa, as many vendors focused on packaging solutions. Some industry experts have told me that this article is a bit before its time; everyone I have spoken to is excited about what is to come.

The role of paper in the production process

Paper is an important component of the final printed piece which often goes unnoticed by the consumer. However, as professionals in the graphic communications industry, we can appreciate that paper is a big factor in any printing project. Paper is more than simply a mechanism to communicate a message. It is an expensive material that can make or break a given project.

Update on MIS solutions for print

A management information system (MIS) can be an indispensable tool for organizations large and small. They act as information storage systems, as well as workflow tools to both unite business components and standardize processes throughout an organization.

Five ways to earn a prospect’s trust

Earning a prospect’s or customer’s respect is something that top salespeople consistently manage to achieve. But earning that respect can be difficult for many salespeople.

However, when you achieve that goal, the likelihood of capturing a sale from the prospect increases substantially. Here are five ways you can earn a prospect’s respect and start increasing your sales.

Biggest EskoWorld to date

EskoWorld, an annual four-day Esko user conference, launched June 17th in New Orleans. This was the first time that we have had the opportunity to attend the event, known to the packaging industry as one of the most action packed events, to learn and network with fellow Esko users. For those of you not familiar with the company, Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging, sign and display finishing, commercial printing and professional publishing.

Turn your booth into a captivating story

Once upon a time, everyone was a teller of tales. People told stories as they worked to pass the time or to pass along valuable information about their heritage. The art of storytelling evolved naturally because some people preferred telling tales of heroes, myths and legends while others preferred listening to them.

Not just for prepress—existing software can help you do more

Just because a software package is marketed towards prepress doesn’t mean that it stops there. There are many software programs in every prepress department that can be used for other things. It is not that complicated to automate processes in the office, sales department, shipping department or elsewhere in your shop. Below is a list of what other tasks can be accomplished with regular software found in a prepress department.

A summer of technology

Welcome to the GAM summer edition. The focus of the issue is slightly tipped toward technology and packaging with a review of the role of inkjet in packaging specifically, written by yours truly. This combination is fairly new in some sectors and shows promise of growth, particularly in highly specialized niche markets.

View from the publisher

The printing industry lost a tireless worker last month. The last time I saw Leo Thibault, founder of Unigraph International, was at the Print World Show in 2010 when he became ill suddenly. Sadly, Leo passed away in his Montreal home June 23 after a long and courageous battle with brain cancer.

Helping you help your customers

For the past several months we’ve been examining actual case histories of exceptional printers, companies and organizations going the extra mile to help their clients – and as a result, helped themselves. Many share some of the following characteristics: