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In today’s evolving worlds of marketing and communications, nearly everyone is consuming information on a variety of devices and at warp speed. The number of channels available to people for consuming content has increased dramatically. Email, social networks and mobile have had a major impact on traditional channels such as print.

But at the same time, printers still have a tremendous opportunity to grow their business. How so?

If you want to know the answer, then I strongly encourage you to join me at the Printing Survivor 2012 event!

During my presentation, entitled “Finding Success in a Multi-Channel World”, I will provide a blueprint for print service providers that will enable them to successfully transform their businesses into a marketing service provider model.

I will present an in-depth look at the strategy, culture shifts, and tactics that are needed to effect dramatic changes and to become a profitable in this multi-channel world.

There is no doubt that the role of the printer is evolving; however, the speed at which some printers are adapting must increase. Thus, this is a must-attend event if you are looking to learn any of the following things:

• How to create a business plan that outlines a multi-channel marketing strategy

• How to find and acquire the internal resources and staff that will help your business grow

• Best practices for using social media, mobile, SEO, email marketing and more

• What self-promotional activities your company must do to create new leads

• How to enable and motivate your sales team to sell marketing services

• And more

You will leave this event with proven strategies, plans, and tactics that your company can follow to increase business despite shifts in the worlds of marketing and communications. You will take home guidance and tactics that will help your company have conversations at the executive level instead of procurement.

I will also share with you some compelling case studies of companies that have successfully adjusted their business model and that have embraced multi-channel marketing.

You will leave this event with actionable advice and guidance on items such as:

• QR Codes – You will learn best practices on creating, managing and tracking them; also, you will learn how you can actually make money from them!

• Mobile Websites and Landing Pages – You will learn about technologies and solutions that will enable you to help your customers reach the mobile audience. You’ll see how you can create landing pages, surveys, registrations, and more that are all optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

• Social Networking – You will have the opportunity to get up to speed on some of the latest features and solutions available to help your company succeed through social networks. I will tell you which social networks you need to be using, what content you should be posting, and how you can measure the success of it all.

• Automated Marketing and Integrated Fulfillment – One of the keys to successfully offering marketing services involves finding ways to automate tasks and streamline operations. I will provide guidance to help your staff effectively execute multi-channel marketing efforts for your customers without eliminating potential profits.

• Strategies for Selling Solutions to Today’s CMO – Marketers have the opportunity to use more channels than just print to reach prospects and customers today. But they still need your help. CMOs cannot simply rely on one channel such as email to get their message across. They must use multiple channels and they also must find a way to deliver relevant content across the channels that their customers and prospects prefer. This is where print service providers can transform into marketing services providers and grow their business.

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, then Printing Survivor 2012 is a can’t-miss event!

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