Why listen to me September 20 in Toronto?

whylistentomeYou don’t know me. We’ve never met. We’ve never done business together but we could. Couldn’t we, should we? What would I, could I, should I, do to get your attention – to get you to consider me instead of the others who do what I do?

Could I offer you products at competitive or unbelievable prices? Maybe the quality of my work is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Or perhaps the speed at which I can get the work done surprises you. Could it be my customer service – how quickly I get back to you or how easy it is to talk to me?

Are these enough? Would you want to know me now?

What if I could make you money instead of just saving it? What if I could keep you from losing your job? What if I could make you look good to your colleagues, your bosses and your customers? What if I could make your life easier so it doesn’t feel so impossible to get done what you need done? What if I could challenge you to consider something different because you are bored with the way things have been done before? Maybe you don’t agree with what I suggest, but it’s the right thing to do for your constituents, your students, your patients AND your customers.

What about now? Have I begun to differentiate myself from the others? Are you interested in hearing about what you can do and how I can help you get it done?

My willingness to take action and ask these questions, explore the possibilities, create the plans, test the options and bring you the results can not only set me apart from others but can also make me worth your time.

Four reasons why you might want to listen to me

1. Researched your market

I have taken the time to look at your market and identified three trends that are driving future growth for the profit leaders and would like to share what I’ve found and get your input on them. I have compared your success in one market and applied it to another market and would like to share with you the possibilities of growing in that market. I have identified attributes of profit leaders in your marketplace and would like to share what I’ve found and see if they resonate with you and your business.

2. Researched your organization

I’ve looked at the people, processes and technology within your business and want to share some ideas that could increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your day-to-day business. I’ve been looking at the sales skills of profit leaders in your market and would like to share what I’ve found to compare to your current sales team. I’ve been keeping up on what technology organizations like yours are using to be more competitive and I would like to share with you three technologies that will define future success in your market.

3. Selected case studies to share with you

I recently reviewed a case study from an organization similar to yours and I’d like to share with you the steps this organization took to increase profits. I was reviewing a case study that applies to one of your existing customers and what they were doing to remain competitive – and I’d like to share with you what I have learned to test if this is of interest to you. We’ve been developing a case study for one of our customers in a similar market and I would like to get your input to see if the outcome experienced is something you agree with.

4 Developed ideas to make you more successful

I have looked at your position and your responsibilities and developed three ideas I believe you may want to hear that can make you more successful. In keeping up with people in your position in your industry I have identified three techniques to help you free up some time and make your life easier. I’ve been researching marketing techniques used by organizations like yours to attract new business and increase profits and I’d like to share them with you.

Saying these things is one thing…doing the work to enable you to say these things honestly and passionately can be the number one reason your customer and your next prospect will listen to you.

We’ll help you answer these questions and explore more ideas at Graphic Arts Magazine’s Survivor 2012 conference September 20 and I look forward to seeing you in Toronto.