Reducing exhibit costs

There is a common problem that is shared by many exhibit managers: while the exhibit return is either flat-lining or decreasing, costs continue to rise. The past few years have done very little to help this situation, which has caused some companies to reduce their exhibit exposure or pull out of important exhibitions altogether in the hopes of meeting constricting budget constraints.

Here are a number of strategies that may help.

Consumables: Cutting Costs and Improving Quality

Consumables aren’t cheap.

As with any business or manufacturing process, finding ways to reduce costs and improve quality is always an important goal to strive for. The ways in which we attempt to reach this goal in the printing industry (and more specifically with consumables) can often differ greatly and have varying degrees of success.

Inkjet printers transform textile printing

Wherever you look, whether at custom apparel, in-store advertising, trade show exhibits and custom products are all covered with or composed of an array of printed fabrics. While historically these results were achieved using screen presses, digital printing is playing an increasing role in this field. The digital garment printing industry is starting to make its stamp upon this industry and has enjoyed significant growth in recent years and it looks set to grow even further in the future.

Marketing tips from the pros

It is enormously satisfying to invest time reading for professional development and then stumble upon an extremely relevant tidbit of information.

These juicy “knowledge nuggets” are best served hot, which is why I’ve assembled a number of my favourites here. I hope you become as inspired as I have to innovate and refresh your marketing strategies!

Graph Expo 2012: The drupa of North America!

What it may lack in sheer physical size compared to drupa, Graph Expo 2012 makes up for in comprehensive new content, cutting-edge features and stunning technology.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Graph Expo, October 7-10 in Chicago, you may find your neck getting a bit sore. That’s because its organizer, the Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC), has gone to great lengths in attracting new “head-turning” pavilions, sections, information-packed seminars, and of course, hundreds of exhibitors anxious to show off their latest products, services and technologies.

Go find some peers

The fall is around the corner and so is Graph Expo. This year I’m very excited to be attending the teacher’s conference at the show. The show provides us with a great opportunity to meet and learn from our peers. My peers happen to be teachers — who are yours? How and where will you meet them? My suggestion is to attend the seminars. I’m always surprised when companies organize and spend resources on attending the show, but stop short of some extra funds to really learn and possibly collaborate with like-minded people.

View from the publisher – October 2012

We had a very productive Printing Survivor II Sept. 20 in Toronto and I felt compelled to share some of highlights on the direction our industry is headed from Joseph P. Truncale, President and CEO of the NAPL (National Association for Printing Leadership). Our industry is not simply changing – it is being fundamentally redefined. The old ways are gone and will never return. Never. Getting better at what we’ve always done will not cut it. Waiting out the recession will not cut it. But there is a silver lining in these dark clouds.

Printing Survivor II wrap-up

Printing Survivor II, the second-annual town-hall-style event organized by Graphic Arts Magazine, was held Thursday, Sept. 20 at the Paradise Convention Centre in Concord, Ontario. Those who attended got practical, workable strategies from four renowned industry leaders, enjoyed a great dinner and met some new and familiar faces.