Canadians at Graph Expo

Here are some of the Canadian companies and companies with facilities in Canada who will be exhibiting at Graph Expo. Please visit their booths.

Avanti Booth 864

Avanti will be demonstrating its Version 12.4 software for the first time. This is the company’s most significant release in over 10 years with many new enhancements. For over 28 years, Avanti has been a leader in Print MIS and digital print workflow automation for commercial and in-plant print facilities. Version 12.4 includes Avanti Advanced Fulfillment (which received a 2012 Graph Expo “Must See ‘Em” Award), as well as other features based on feedback from Avanti’s customers. It includes a new bi-directional integration with Neopost’s GMC Inspire software and key enhancements to its Contract Management System. Printers can now bill on production orders, and invoices can be created automatically as the items are received into inventory – solving a key challenge for printers involved in the complex world of fulfillment. The ability to easily manage multiple bill-to and ship-to addresses, while automatically generating separate invoices for each address or summary invoices, results in hours of processing time saved as well as faster payments.

CADlink Technology Corp. Booth 253

CADlink will showcase its customized design and production software for digital printing, screen printing, personalization/customization, signmaking, laser, rotary engraving, plasma cutting, CNC machining, garment decoration and more. Specialists in custom software development for many international OEM partners, CADlink solutions are used for everything from textile and garment printing to indoor/outdoor graphics printing to specialty substrate printing. CADlink recently expanded its portfolio to include online internet fulfillment solutions. These include the ability to support remote-design capabilities integrated into a centralized production hub, and complete online order fulfillment services. Many of CADlink’s solutions cover post-print cutting requirements on separate production devices. The software enables the streamlining of these often complicated multi-step processes. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, CADlink is also renowned for its brand software products including SignLab, Digital Factory, FilmMaker, EngraveLab and ProfileLab.

Crawford Technologies Booth 2839

CrawfordTech delivers a full suite of Enterprise Output Management solutions for any production workflow environment. As the world moves to visual interfaces via mobile and tablet devices, Crawford has dramatically improved usability and efficiency. It will be demonstrating Pro Designer for Indexing (a GUI print-file indexing tool), Pro Production Manager (an automated document factory solution), and Pro Channel Manager (a digital mailbox services integration and customer preference management tool). The demos will show how these solutions will improve any organization’s day-to-day operation. Pro Channel Manager, for example, the first-of-its-kind Digital Mailbox Services technical integration solution that includes customer preference management, provides quick and easy integration of Digital Mailbox Services into your current production workflow – including automatic content generation and print-and-mail suppression without making application changes. This cost-effective solution is designed to get your organization up and running with a DMS provider quickly, maximize your cost savings, and is expandable to integrate with future providers.

Doxim Document Processing Solutions Booth 652

Doxim specializes in integrated cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM). It will be showcasing solutions that deliver and manage business-critical documents and content more efficiently and cost-effectively. Two of its flagship products are Document Factory and ECM. Document Factory helps streamline end-to-end production. It automates the management of document composition, conversion, routing and output from the time files are collected to final printing. The technology creates intelligent, personalized communications while saving time, improving quality and reducing costs. Doxim ECM is a comprehensive, web-based solution that captures, stores, searches and shares all internal files and customer information – safely and securely via an online repository. It enables organizations to streamline how content is stored, shared and accessed and speeds up operations while increasing employee productivity and reducing costs. The result is vastly improved customer service, expanded client offerings and enhanced customer interaction.

Gateway Bookbinding Systems Booth 1061

Gateway Bookbinding Systems, the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic spiral binding and the makers of Plastikoil plastic spiral binding systems, will be showing its entire line and introducing its newest product – the PBS 2300 Roller Inserter/Single-Sided Crimper. Quick to set up, the 2300 can handle 6 mm to 30 mm sizes with output speeds up to 300 books per hour. The ultra-compact machine also features simple dial adjustments for ease of operation. Its flagship product, Plastikoil, has become an industry standard. It’s CPSIA compliant, both lead-free and phthalate-free. Pages will never pull apart and the coil will not bend or distort during shipping. Plastikoil-bound books have the ability to fold back 360 degrees and are available in 45 different colours in coil diameters from 6 mm (1/4″) to 50 mm (2″). Custom colours, lengths and pitch options are also available. Gateway has been in business for almost half a century.

Graphic Whizard Booths 2626 and 2627

Graphic Whizard will be launching its PT series of affordable print-finishing options for companies with tight budgets. The company is renowned globally for its creasing and numbering machines, but it also manufactures and distributes systems that perform many other print-finishing functions. These include the user-friendly, small-footprint VividCoater series of UV Coaters (ranging from a 3′ x 3′ footprint to one able to accommodate 29.5″ wide stock), the FM series of perf/score equipment as well as perfect binders. The inexpensive, modular PT series features a tabletop and an independent knife folder, a creasing/folding option, creasers, a bander, a jogger as well as additional prototypes of upcoming products. Demonstrations will show how pairing a PT370 IKF with the CreaseMaster can improve productivity inexpensively. For the past 25 years Graphic Whizard has been continually improving and growing its product lines to provide a print-finishing solution for any job or budget.

Enviro Image Solutions Booth 3340

Enviro Image Solutions (EIS) will be showcasing its blanket renewal program that rejuvenates spent printing blankets for re-use on press. The program reduces blanket costs by up to 70% and increases a printer’s green initiatives. Some printers have claimed saving an extra $250,000 annually! EIS is currently the only company offering this solution. The service works with all types of sheetfed blankets and can be customized to fit a printer’s needs. The end results are increased production efficiency and cost savings. Spent blankets are sent to EIS who restores them to their full quality. The same blanket can be rejuvenated many times as long as the top layer is uncut. The rejuvenated blankets can be used with UV, conventional and hybrid sheetfed presses of all sizes. Client Ted Cnota, Pressroom Supervisor at the Quantum Group: “We were astonished at how well they printed. In one word – incredible!” A free trial offer allows printers to send 10 used blankets to test and compare for themselves.

Kallima Paper Booth 235

Kallima (Tembec Paper Group) will be exhibiting its swatchbooks and printed samples. One of the featured lines will be its Coated Cover line of fully bleached paperboard products. Kallima Coated Cover is used in commercial printing, publishing, prestige packaging, high-impact graphic corrugated containers, point-of-purchase displays and litho-laminated packaging. The product’s low density and high-bulk construction offers a significant basis weight advantage and savings of up to 20% over competing grades, says Kallima. Another product line, Kallima C1S, C2S and C1S Plus, is an ideal choice for greeting cards, brochures, magazines, book covers, menus, folders, POP displays and direct mail. Kallima is available in heatset/web rolls and sheets as well as in formats specifically designed for digital presses. Products are fully compatible with post-press finishing and all Kallima Coated Cover products are FSC-certified.

LumaPix Booth 754

Demonstrated will be user-driven product personalization – getting end users involved in the creation of physical and digital products. Examples include photo-books, personalized sales collateral, photo mugs and pure-digital products such as screensavers. FullScale, a Montreal-based software publisher, offers a complete pipeline that supports the creation, publishing, personalization and sale of these products that include:

  • FotoFusion content creation tool to create templates that untrained end-users can access online.
  • The Storefront, which enables publishers to use their own URLs and choose colour schemes, languages, payment and other options.
  • •Cloud storage and rendering of templates and more.

End users can upload their own images and text to create unique items. The system enables publishers to monetize their brands and user communities with custom, photo-centric products.

Metafix Inc. Booth 136

Metafix will be highlighting its Metafix Fountain Solution Control System (FSC), a unique approach to improving print quality while reducing downtime and waste. The system monitors fountain solution and incoming water conductivity – as well as pH, temperature and the flow rates of all these – 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The system automatically makes adjustments based on the working conductivity and transmits the variables via the internet to its monitoring station’s MetaTrax Software. Customers are notified immediately if operating variables deviate from predefined levels. By monitoring and controlling these variables, Metafix ensures a stable emulsion on press, which directly relates to improved print reproduction and less waste and downtime. This remote monitoring virtually eliminates problems normally traced to the fountain solution feed system.

Sajo Technologies Inc. Booth 3042

Sajo will be featuring its full line of products, notably its Ink Fountain Liners. The plastic liners cover the entire inside of the ink fountain and include a peel-and-stick backing that installs and removes in seconds. Ink Fountain Liners are currently being produced for several major press manufacturers. Sajo has also added its InkDoser PMS Ink Dispensing System. Although used for web-press applications, Ink Levellers are now a key component for sheetfed too. When paired with a 5-gallon or 45-gallon drum pump, the Leveller/Pump combination allows a more consistent colour while eliminating manual ink filling. Sajo’s pneumatic Ink Agitator requires no electricity and can be mounted over, in front of, or below the ink fountain. Although ideal for UV inks, its new design also eliminates the problem of ink backing away from the roller. The InkDoser PMS mixer with Pantone scale works with tapered or straight-walled metal cans as well as plastic cans (UV) and offers equipment options such as an Easymix ink mixer, Vacumatic Sealer or Vibration Mixer.

4over Booth 3838

In only a few short years, 4over has grown into a market leader in the Trade Printing industry nationwide and abroad. In addition to 4over’s superior print quality and fast turnarounds, the firm offers a large array of print products from business cards to posters, 4D lenticular prints to grand-format products and much more. 4over’s services have attracted a substantial number of trade customers, including graphic designers, print brokers, quick printers, photographers, and other industry professionals. Because of the company’s immense growth, 4over has expanded from a single California facility in 2001, to seven states, in addition to Mississauga, ON. Customer service is a key component of 4over’s process. After a job is uploaded to the website, the CSRs begin the process, from verifying file integrity to on-time shipping. For maximum output and fastest delivery, 4over’s Production Departments operate at full speed. 4over also specializes in short-run orders. In print production, 4over only uses premium paper with brightness of 96 – consistency in quality is the key for the firm’s huge return-customer rate. Introducing new products and new ways to help its customers become profitable has resulted in 4over attaining an unprecedented 59,000 trade customers. 


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.