Graphics Canada Preview: Present meets the future in technology and equipment

The Graphics Canada tradeshow November 21-23 at the Toronto International Centre is much more than Canada’s largest graphics, printing and converting show. It’s our chance to shine, to show that we’re constantly on the leading edge of the latest technology. The biennial event has traditionally brought together the best current technologies and live demonstrations of … Read more →

Social Media Spotlight: Tumblr

Social Media Spotlight is designed to introduce you to the benefits of social media for your business, with specific examples tailored to the graphic arts industry. This month we’re exploring Tumblr. Why join for business? Tumblr can be described as a ‘visually-oriented hybrid between a micro-blogging platform and social networking site’. That might sound like … Read more →

The wild & wonderful world of 3D printing

In a recent report published June 2013, ID TechEx reported that by 2025 the 3D printing market would be worth $4 billion dollars. The 3D printing industry has received much attention in the press over the last year, as we reported in our March 2013 issue. 3D printing has been hyped as the technology to … Read more →

The perception of your brand

“You’ve baked a really lovely cake, but then you’ve used dog $#!† for frosting.” This is a somewhat humorous Steve Jobs quote that accurately sums up something a lot of companies struggle with – their branding. We know it’s important. Since Mad Men hit the airwaves the masses are becoming more aware of how companies … Read more →

Inspired projects: Special edition DVD packaging

Everyone has their favourite TV shows. Whether a drama, comedy or something in-between (did someone say dramedy?), there are so many great new and old shows to watch. The luxury of being able to watch these shows on-demand is a welcome convenience, whether through an on-demand service provider like Netflix, purchasing episodes through iTunes or … Read more →

For the record: Bill Knepper

In each 2013 issue of Graphic Arts Magazine, we will be interviewing an interesting member of the graphic communications industry and asking them for their opinions on a few important topics. Every month we will be interviewing someone who represents a different part of the industry (technology, paper and printing, for example) so stay tuned … Read more →

Go Niche at Graphics Canada

We are very excited to be so involved in this year’s Graphics Canada Show. Producing the show guide is definitely a great way to really be in the know. This month’s issue has some tips for the show that we thought would be helpful. Whether you are going to shop for something specific, or you … Read more →

View from the publisher – November 2013

This month we’re previewing the Graphics Canada tradeshow November 21-23 at the International Centre in Mississauga. It’s Canada’s largest graphics, printing and converting show. The biennial event has traditionally attracted plenty of new equipment and technology, and this year is no exception. The newest feature is the 3D pavilion that will concentrate on this emerging … Read more →