Delicious Packaging

Non-traditional and stylish honey packaging is a wonderfully delicious trend! In recent years, several honey producers have taken great care in packaging their sweet product in even sweeter packaging. Both structural and graphic design trends have evolved into packaging that’s downright appetizing.
Below are four examples of fantastic honey packaging, two of which are conceptual and two of which are actual packaged products available for purchase. Clever techniques have been used to communicate the essence of the brand behind the honey, including unique materials and visuals that stand out on store shelves.

babees Organic Honey by Ah & Oh Studio (Conceptual)
Ah & Oh Studio has taken a simple jar and created an imaginative package by printing on glass and paper labels. These adorable jars of honey act as caricatures of bees themselves. The minimalist striped design and the yellow honey inside resembles a bees’ body, while the neutral 4-page paper label strung around the neck of the jar mimic bees’ wings. The designers at Ah & Oh Studio describe the thinking behind their design: “We tried to treat the jar as a playground for character design… Through this project we tried to encourage kids to reach for honey instead of refined sugar.”

Bzzz Honey by Backbone Studio (Conceptual)
This creative design is playful in both the design of the logo, as well as the structural package. The designers at Backbone Studio have cleverly stylized the “Bzzz” logotype to mimic the movement of a bumblebee. Natural coloured wood and rope retract to reveal the yummy nectar inside the hive, complete with a cork stopper to keep the contents fresh. This design is only conceptual, as this product would have to be sold at a premium price to warrant the manufacturing of such an elaborate outer casing.

The Ballard Bee Company (Purchasable Product)

The Ballballardard Bee Company’s operation as an “urban pollination company” on city rooftops is anything but industrial. Although that’s true, their cleverly designed utopian packaging playfully contains a handcrafted product within. The juxtaposition of locally handcrafted honey to the harshly contrasting black and white label oozes with stylish sophistication. Many of their products, including their line of cream and select honeys, look more like high-end cosmetic products than delicious treats to eat!

Bee Raw Honey (Purchasable Product)
Bee Raw Honey’s philosophy is to keep their products simple and natural, which is reflected in their elegant packaging. The company offers many different honey products from locations across the country, which can be sampled in this variety pack called “Bee Raw’s 9-varietal honey flight”. As part of communicating the brand story, each package comes with a detailed description of the unique flavours contained within, as well as the precise geographical origin of each product. The vials are hand corked and sealed with beeswax to make the most of the useful bounty bees provide. This luxurious and beautifully packaged gift will set you back $78, but it’s a package that any foodie would love to receive.

Honey is an amazing natural product that is beautifully captured in the packaging designs shown here. These products prove that with stylish graphic design, as well as interesting structural design, even everyday products can be transformed to captivate consumers. It’s the simple pleasures in life that make all the difference.


Diana Varma is an Instructor at the School of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University and the Owner of ON-SITE First Aid & CPR Training Group, a health & safety company that provides training to the Graphic Arts Industry.