View from the publisher – July 2014

I first got to know Rita Davidson when we were both in dispute with GTA Copier Dealer Group. Rita, owner of Flowerpress Printing, and her husband Mark, used to live and work out of their home in McDonalds Corners, Ottawa. Now they’re living with their four children in a trailer. On July 19, 2013, they lost their house and business to a devastating fire. After six months of being homeless, they moved into a trailer on their land. Today, they’re trying to get up and running via donations through a family fundraising website. Check page 39 to find out more, and how you can help.

Two Sides North America and CPIA are partnering to promote the sustainability of print and paper in Canada. Two Sides’ mission is to challenge misleading claims that electronic communications are more environmentally friendly than print. Sandy Stephens, CPIA Chairman, said the partnership is one of many benefits introduced to provide added value to its members. He urges everyone to consider a membership in CPIA so it can grow Two Sides in Canada. Phil Riebel, President of Two Sides North America, has an update on page 30.

The CPIA also named industry veteran Brian Ellis as its Executive Director. Given his extensive experience and engaging personality, he was the perfect choice. The CPIA has represented printers and lobbied government, ensuring that our voice is always heard. It also supplies information, education, networking and support for worthy causes. The cost of membership in this important industry organization is only $9.95 per month. Membership includes access to an HR Tool Kit, credit monitoring services and market intelligence and data. Let’s get behind them 100%.

Graphic Arts Magazine will premiere a new two-day Print Community Forum November 13 & 14 in Woodbridge, Ontario, endorsed by the CPIA. You’ll learn how to diversify and grow your business without a substantial investment. Our speakers will discuss proven ways to add value to your printing, reduce costs, improve productivity and boost profits. Page 46 has more information. And watch for updates on our website, in our weekly e-newsletter, in our September issue and on our show website –

Though I’m still lamenting the fact that Ireland did not quality for the World Cup, the games have been extremely exciting. At press time it looks like the Netherlands or Germany have the best shot. But you can never count out the home team Brazil. Time will tell, but I’m enjoying the ride.

As always, stay positive and stay focused.


Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine