Powering through in February

I hope January has set the stage for a great year. It seems like the month is always full of big plans and high hopes and February is where the rubber really starts to hit the road. If you haven’t let your resolutions slide, it’s likely that you can keep powering through. We have several great new columns for you this year. We’re going back to the basics in some ways. Our new Innovation In Printing column for example will examine a different printing process each month and identify recent transformations. This month we look at flexography. Continuing the theme of packaging, our lead article this month is about packaging “Ecolutions”. Jason Lisi interviews subject matter expert, Rachel Morier, Program Manager at PAC NEXT. The packaging sector is particularly susceptible to environmental criticism. Consumers see most packages as being waste, and the concept that waste is bad is very straightforward and hard to argue. I think the packaging industry has taken great strides to address some of these issues with many cradle-to-cradle programs now gracing the shelves of your local grocery stores. Rachel discusses some of the many programs available through PAC NEXT as well as exploring current opportunities and trends in environmentally friendly packaging.

This year we are also going to be adding a new spin to our regular For the Record column with the “JR” edition. We will be working on interviewing vibrant, fresh grads who have had an exciting and successful start in the Graphic Arts Industry. I’m always amazed at the opportunities that young people find and/or create for themselves. Jay Wong, the young man in this month’s issue was an exceptional student when I taught him, and naturally continues to do amazing things in his professional life. Jay has had wonderful little successes along the way, but is very humble. This is such a charismatic combo!

Speaking of young professionals, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to register for the annual GCM Job Fair at the School of Graphic Communications. If you are looking for a summer intern or a recent graduate to start in May, this is by far the most efficient way to find the perfect candidate. This year the event is in a new location, and takes place on Thursday, March 5th! You can find more information at www.gcmjobfair.com.

Happy RRSP contribution deadline month…I mean Valentines Day!

PS: If you want to enjoy a print related activity with your sweetheart you must check out Diana Brown’s Inspired Projects column for many great ideas. I mean what can be more romantic than papermaking :) ?