Innovation as usual

The October issue of GAM is a wonderful exploration of traditional products and industries that are currently undergoing market innovation. Olivia Parker takes you through some of the opportunities available through Canada Post:  “In a society where television commercials are easily ignored, and Internet advertisements are blocked or clicked away with ease, mail offers a personalized, tactile experience that can be used to connect the digital and physical worlds,” she writes. Parker also discusses the recent threat of strike and its impact on both Canada Post and its customers.

Contributing for the first time, newly appointed Director of PAC Next, Rachel Morier, discusses innovations in packaging – a sector of our industry which has been a part of our lives and homes for decades. Looking at new opportunities in this industry, she evaluates what a package may look like in the future, whether that future is technologically advanced, leaner or online-purchase-driven.

Diana Varma shares an interview with David Frohlich about the concept of audio-enriched photography and innovation. Both technologies have existed for a long time, but they alter the consumer experience when paired.

As you read through the issue I encourage you to think about where you can apply innovation to the everyday processes and products you are used to.

I would like to share with you how I have been trying to innovate in my own work. As you may know I have done some research in best practices for social media. This fall I decided to launch a brand new project called Little Chestnuts, using social media tools as a catalyst. I have long been involved in various crowdsourcing initiatives from supporting companies on Kickstarter, to lending money on Kiva, or donating money on GoFundMe. I decided I can leverage my skill to do more good. Using predominantly Instagram, I will be gathering funny kids quotes and turning them into artwork (modern calligraphy). In order to receive your piece all you have to do is donate any amount to any charity of your choice. I get to do what I love, you get a neat way to remember a moment in your child’s life, and the cause closest to your heart gets a bit of support. I would love to receive some funny quotes from our GAM readers! You can follow @littlechestnuts on Instagram ( to check out some of the pieces!