Editor’s corner – November 2016

I’ve been beating the partnership drum for quite some time now, emphasizing how important it is that the leading OEMs continue to be trusted partners in the success of commercial printers. So it was more than satisfying to attend the OPIA Dinner in Toronto October 19, where Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail, was honoured as the OPIA’s Captain of Industry for 2016. Crawley oversees the strategy and operations of the newspaper and all its websites and magazines, including the renowned Report on Business. Under his guidance and strategies, The Globe and its staff have won 58 National Newspaper Awards. His talk on where the print and digital advertising world is headed in the future was both fascinating and inspirational.

But above all, he underscored the importance of forming partnerships with other publishing companies as well as commercial printers, and said that this was simply good leadership. He pointed to the Globe’s partnerships with the Washington Post, the Toronto Star and its valued 20-year partnership with Transcontinental Printing. We also learned that the newspaper will soon move into a larger new building, intends to double its digital subscribers by 2018, and will re-organize of its newsroom, among other very progressive strategies.

When I worked in the Communications Department of the Toronto Star (1969-1989), the Globe was always viewed as a “business paper.” It suffered a few highs and lows, but always maintained its core audience and values.

Now, on that same October 19 evening several miles away, the DIA was holding its meeting, exploring Smart Mail Marketing and The Science of Activation. The new technology brings together the physical experience, data and connectivity – a potent mixture that makes direct mail much more engaging. Attendees learned about Smartmail marketing and how it can activate and enhance customer relationships. Canada Post reps also explored the strengths that direct mail has over other media, and presented case studies that detailed ways that others have achieved higher response rates.

For me, this is yet another example of partnering – of key industry organizations like the OPIA and the DIA, who genuinely care about your success, partnering with printers to help them in their journey to profitability. We’re lucky to have these hard-working folks and their generous event sponsors.

Until next time, always remember that we’re here to help you.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.