Show you care

This month’s issue focuses on technologies that are growing in our industry. On the traditional side of the coin, InfoTrends’ James Hanlon takes us through the opportunities in wide format digital printing. The article shares some key growth projections for this sector, looks at opportunities within wide format, and concludes with a look at some of the technologies in the space. Less traditionally perhaps, John Foley Jr. takes us through some online marketing tools to help you become more competitive in today’s highly digital world. He looks at three key online areas:  search engine optimization (helping people find you online), content marketing (giving people a reason to look for you online), and social media (giving people an opportunity to like and share what they have found from you online).

Then, furthest from traditional, Olivia Parker takes a closer look at the runaway success story of Pokémon GO, an augmented reality game.  Augmented reality is an important space for printers because print can be used as the catalyst for the digital component. I’m currently working on a project which will connect paper to digital and we will have to decide how to get users there. There are so many different options today. I can connect social media with a simple hashtag, use a simple QR code (ugly but easy), use an Augmented Reality market together with an App like Layar, or go all out and use an NFC chip to make the paper tap-able. There are lots of options, with advantages and drawbacks for each!

It’s important to remember that growing your business doesn’t always require a high-tech solution.

I had the opportunity to chat with a friend who also happens to be a successful entrepreneur. One of the areas she excels in is showing appreciation to her clients. According to the 80/20 rule we know that most of your business comes from a small number of people. When is the last time you thought about those relationships specifically, as well as the others that you would like to be a part of this 20%? Right around holiday time companies will often start to evaluate whom to send that special calendar to. This is a great first step, however what about personalizing that acknowledgement? For example why not send a note to say thank you on their 100th order with you, or even better offer them some services for that 100th time of doing business together? Celebrating the holidays is great, but celebrating milestones you share with a client goes that extra inch in saying thank you.