Does 2017 feel monumental to you? As we launch the first issue of 2017, I can’t help but feel that this year will be one for the books. We have an absolutely packed issue for you this month. We are so proud to be the first to publish big news from Landa. Make sure you check out this lead story. A big thank you to author, Jason Lisi for bringing breaking news to GAM readers!

I cannot believe that we are already in February. This is an important time as your New Year’s resolutions start to drop off one by one. If you would like some tools to keep you going with your goals, check out How to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet by Brian Tracy.

Let’s look at some goals you may have and how the issue might help. Perhaps you have some goals around education this year? Diana Varma shares some ideas for training, with a stellar list of institutions and association that offer courses relevant to your professional development.

Perhaps your goal is to “get out there” more, finally contribute to a blog or social media? These types of tasks can be overwhelming, but can also come with significant rewards. On Instagram I follow a printer based in Orlando that has 90K+ followers! I have no doubt that this has generated leads for them. John Foley Jr. gives you ten tips if you are going to become a content creator in 2017.

Perhaps your goal is to get the best possible employees into your shop from our exceptional Canadian educational institutions. Jeff Ekstein, Chair of the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund has a proven solution – get involved by becoming a donor. He’s seen first-hand how these types of investments have led to tremendous success for both printing companies and students alike.

Perhaps what you hope to do is get better at keeping in touch with your clients and business partners, remaining more top of mind? You should take a look at Olivia Parker’s article about Postal Code Targeting from Canada Post. This is a service that will nest very neatly between unaddressed mail and personalized mail. Canada Post is doing an excellent job at using data to drive new opportunities in mail.

Whatever you set your mind to in 2017, keep at it! Happy “goal-keeping”!