Sherwood Printers: Providing the GTA with cutting-edge technology – again!

Since 1984, Sherwood Printers has been at the forefront of adopting new technologies for its customers. One notable example of this is the printing and die cutting of this issue’s cover featuring Benny Landa. This is a brief look at the process, the cutting-edge technology, and the continued success of one of Canada’s most successful printing companies – Sherwood Printers.

LasX LaserSharp Laser Module: The process

“The LasX LaserSharp Laser Module we recently purchased does away with mechanical dies and is very cost-effective. But its biggest benefits by far are its simplicity, flexibility and meticulousness,” said Sherwood President and CEO Manoj Sheth. “Basically, clients send us two original PDF files that act as layers – one for the artwork itself and the other as a die line. The LaserSharp actually cuts from the PDF. No other process that I know of can do this.

Designs are limited only by an artist’s imagination. And these designs can be incredibly intricate. Some of our most striking die-cut creations have been in the production of such things as custom packaging, pocket folders, wedding invitations and much more.

Finally, the technology enables us to handle small, medium and large runs easily and cost-effectively. Whether clients want two pieces or 2,000 pieces, it’s never a problem. For example, we worked with designer Amanda Grey of Greyscale Design to produce the February cover of this magazine. We subsequently printed over 10,700 copies of the cover and delivered them to the bindery on deadline,” Sheth added.

The technology

LasX offers a variety of laser modules with different laser wavelengths and output powers that can be retrofitted into existing equipment or integrated by OEMs into their designs. One or several module types can be integrated into one station for maximum flexibility and productivity. Each module combines a laser resonator source, power supply, focusing optics, electronic controller and other components into a single package.

These fully-sealed laser modules require no beam alignment and very little maintenance. Power, air and water supplies plug directly into ports on the housing while integrated I/O interfaces on the controller connect to material handling equipment (to monitor web speed and position). The experienced operators at Sherwood Printers can set up, monitor and change jobs using LightGuide software that controls all components (including multiple-laser modules) in a single user interface.

About Sherwood Printers

Sherwood President and CEO Manoj Sheth has been helping build Sherwood Printers in Mississauga, Ontario for over twenty years. His goal from the outset was to become the best printing company possible by guaranteeing consistent, high-quality work, fast turnaround times and affordable prices – all combined with caring and personalized service.

Now while this is essential in most printing businesses today, one of the biggest reasons why Sherwood’s success has been notable, is its strategic investments in cutting-edge technologies. Not content to just print, Sherwood has assembled a remarkable breadth of finishing options to complement its extensive printing capabilities, allowing for better control and tightened timelines.

Today, Sherwood Printers has numerous locations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Georgetown, as well as its own in-house offset printing division.

For more information and to request die-cut samples, please call Sherwood Printers at (905) 501-1296 or e-mail


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.