Spring is for learning

We are a month away from Graphics Canada. Our editor Tony Curcio gets you prepped with our traditional preview article. The nature of tradeshows in today’s digital world is changing. Today, tradeshows continue to showcase new technology, but as you will see from our preview they are also focused on educating show-goers. This year’s Graphics Canada will host several industry bodies, sharing content in areas ranging from colour to intelligent packaging. Even if you are not in the position to purchase equipment, this is a valuable event to attend.

One of those important industry topics you can learn about at the show is Extended Colour. This month Chris Smyth helps us understand the benefits and difficulties around implementing a 7-colour workflow. The annual colloquium at the School of Graphic Communications Management was also about extended gamut. Next month’s issue will cover the event fully. I will say that there was a great deal of perspective as the speakers included a printer, a colour expert and a technology company.

If you are working on projects that include new technology implementation or would like to understand the possibilities in a particular area, Bonny Koabel shares a great article about leveraging government grants to work with academic institutions. The Print Media Research Centre (pmrc.gcm.ryerson.ca) is an excellent resource for industry partners in this way as well.

Perhaps you have completed R&D and need help implementing existing investments in an area of your business. I strongly suggest that you register for Ryerson’s upcoming Job Fair, happening on March 23rd. This job fair is a speed dating style format, where you can interview 12 students in just two hours! There are separate time slots for interviewing interns and for interviewing graduating students. We often see that students fill technology expansion or exploration roles in companies. The four-month internship is an excellent way to snag a future grad and make sure that there is a fit, before committing to a future full time role. We find that many companies rehire their interns full time. You can find more information at gcm-wordpress.gcm.ryerson.ca.