From a tool and die manufacturer to one of Canada’s leading label printers

The story of CPC Label is both fascinating and inspiring. But at its foundation are the core values of hard work, fostering a dedicated team, and above all the fact that they also know the machines and presses inside out – because they build them!

Anyone can start a manufacturing business by purchasing machinery. But to be truly successful in any industry, one must have a solid skillset and foundation, backed up by years of experience in the field. CPC Label began over 30 years ago as a small tool and die manufacturer. As its founder, Steve Barbir applied his extensive skills and years of experience to become an innovator and eventually a pioneer in his field. But his success was anything but routine.

His career started in Switzerland, where he worked in the aerospace industry and in train manufacturing. When he moved to Canada, he manufactured gold coins and worked at Rotoflex, a pioneer in the rotary tooling industry and a global partner for the converting industry.  Eventually, Barbir started his first company, Flexodie Limited. In the early years of their fledgling company, they manufactured a huge number of exceptional machines and printing presses for the label and printing industry in North America and worldwide. All this set a solid foundation for CPC Label as one Canada’s leading label manufacturers.

Today, with their in-house machining and tool and die department, CPC has the ability to manufacture highly customized label products using their own machinery and presses. You’d be hard-pressed to find any label manufacturer who also knows the intricacies of the machinery and presses they use inside-out. In addition, they also manufacture all of the rotary dies and tooling in-house.

Just like Steve, CPC President and CEO Morris Barbir was an engineer and an innovator even when he was a kid. He too has always been passionate about tool and die making and machining. He has personally built countless printing presses and machinery for the printing industry. Yet, he’s one of the most hands-on and humble CEOs you’ll ever meet. Not surprisingly, he believes that in order to be successful in manufacturing, you must have years of training combined with hard work on a daily basis – and you must never ever give up. You must also know every aspect and detail of your business and have a strong team of dedicated people that genuinely care. All this is what makes the difference.

As a trade-only label manufacturer, CPC has helped its customers create highly customized label products that others simply cannot. This is primarily because of their engineering backgrounds which allows them to retrofit most machines and presses, with the help of its team of machinists and specialists. Another key factor is that there is little or no downtime in production – because if any press or machine breaks down, it can be fixed immediately on the spot. This not only increases productivity but reduces turnaround times dramatically.

Also because of CPC’s strong engineering background, its capabilities go far beyond just labels. The company also manufactures some high-end, patented retail products for their trade partners that are sold around the world. Bottom line: CPC helps its clients bring their visions to life and can oversee the complete production process – from concept to final end products. This gives CPC a competitive advantage in today’s demanding printing and label industry where quality, turnaround times and competitive pricing are essential.

And they’re able to continually exceed client expectations by being able to manufacture everything in-house. Their product repertoire includes all types of labels – custom printed labels, laser label sheets, thermal labels rolls, fanfold labels, integrated label forms, labels and tags, printed receipt rolls, and much, much more.

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Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.