Highlights from SGIA

New venture points to evolution of tradeshows

SGIA Expo was eye-opening. It’s currently the largest print-oriented show in North America, at least gauging by square footage. And it points to where print – widely defined – is headed. A show that began in the 1940s as screen printing event, then evolved into wide format event, is now showcasing evolving technologies and a dizzying array of new applications, the most notable of which was digital textile printing in all its forms, industrial printing, and packaging options. In addition to the standard signage, the floor was packed with printed furniture, fabrics, signs, clothes, wallpaper, thermoformed delights, car wraps and all manner of promotional offerings. We will be delving into these topics throughout the coming months

Amid the announcements at the show, one piece of news particularly got buzz. Based on the assumption that today’s industry is driven by a convergence of technology and capability, and a blurring of market segments, SGIA announced it has formed a partnership with NAPCO Media – publishers of Printing Impressions – to create a new show for the North American market. Called, PRINT United, it will be a one-stop expo for all technologies and markets, including offset commercial printing and digital toner-based printing.  These are not traditional exhibitors at SGIA.

PRINT United will debut in Dallas, Texas, on October 23-25, 2019.

Here’s a few highlights and some familiar faces from SGIA 2017.