It’s all about tax fairness

Those who create the most jobs are getting penalized

In July, the federal Liberals, by bringing forward Bill C-27, seemed to be accusing everyone in small business of taking advantage of our tax system. Proposed changes by Finance Minister Bill Morneau that would eliminate tax breaks for the middle class received tremendous blowback from small business owners, farmers, doctors, those in the fishing industry, opposition parties – even his own Liberal backbenchers! Morneau is now backing off some of the proposals and has declared that technical fixes are on the way.

However, we now know via the Paradise Papers that the richest 1%-2% are sheltering millions of dollars offshore to avoid paying taxes. One of them is Stephen Bronfman, chief fundraiser and senior advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – who campaigned on tax fairness, addressing income inequality and reversing the decline of middle-class incomes. Funny thing – I didn’t hear of any printers from Ontario, or shop owners from the east coast or west coast among the over 3,000 Canadians on the lists. So why isn’t our government going after them, going where the real money is – instead of penalizing those who create most of the jobs in this country?

Recently, a friend who’s a doctor told me he might move to the U.S. if this nonsense continues. And the brother of a Liberal MP from the east coast told me he’ll vote against his own party if these tax grabs become law. I’m praying that our “real change” Prime Minister will see the light and straighten his party’s precarious course. Today, when it comes to politicians of all stripes, I’m reminded of Foghorn Leghorn, a cartoon character from the 1960s, whose favourite quips included, “Nice kid, but he’s about as sharp as a bowlin’ ball.”

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In the meantime, stay positive and stay focused.


Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine