Creatique expands to Canada from India

Last July Creatique opened a Canadian branch of its India-based parent company, offering a range of wide format services. Director Rajat Khera talked to Graphic Arts about his new business.

What services do you offer?

We offer complete visual communication products through our customized product range. We manufacture backlit/edge-lit displays and use layered printing technology to produce sharp results; backlit displays with sequential flasher to highlight key messages and products with very sharp image quality; and various point-of-sale displays. We also offer direct printing and contour cutting on a variety of substrates like ACM, expanded PVC, acrylic, paper, cardboard, wood, corrugated plastic, etc.

What clients are you targeting?

We would like to work with advertising and marketing agencies, print brokers, architects, designers, other sign and print companies and corporate businesses. Our target markets are hospitality, wine and beer, food, beverages, cosmetics, and electronics.

What makes your business different?

Our business model offers customized short-run on-demand production. We offer a mix of products available in the international markets, which cater to the needs of ethnic businesses and the immigrant population in Canada. There are products commonly used in other parts of the world that are economical alternatives to what is available here. People coming from those countries look for the similar products for their businesses and we are able to give them these options. For example, an East Indian restaurant looks for designs and products used in the Indian market and looks to us to provide them; which gives an ethnic look to their business.

Explain the connection to India

Creatique in Canada is an associated company of Creatique in India. The directors of the company oversee both locations, and we share the resources. Our success in India and the uniqueness of these products in Canada, motivated us to open a location in Canada. We would like to take advantage of the work produced in India to enable us to flourish in Canada.

We work in conjunction with the Indian unit to design and produce various goods such as the coating on metal parts. Some design and specialized custom work is done there. Printing, cutting, creasing is done here. Sending the design work to India reduces our turnaround time. Due to the time difference, we work on a 24-hour cycle, which expedites our delivery times.

What is the history of Creatique?

Creatique (a combination of creative and unique) was started in India in 2012 by our three directors, who have expertise in architecture, design, drafting, graphics, and marketing. Since then we have undertaken various projects, which include design, fabrication and production. We have been growing steadily.

Why did you choose Canada and Winnipeg?

In 2013 we started to work on the expansion to Canada. As we thought of expanding in North America, we chose Canada as it is a welcoming country and is a land of immigrants. We preferred to start in Winnipeg, as it is centrally located. Also, the cost of operating in Winnipeg is low. We found it to be a good start-up point and it’s easy to ship products in all three directions.

What’s in store for your future?

We are looking to explore and enter into the world of short run packaging solutions; and advanced and dynamic LED backlit displays in soft signage. The industry is changing at a rapid pace, so we will follow the market to introduce the products the market demands at any given point. We would like to expand in the other markets of Canada and the US with dedicated sales staff at various locations.