US state lawmakers join senators to block Trump’s tariffs on Canadian newsprint

Last month I reported how the US Department of Commerce announced tariffs on Canadian newsprint (i.e. uncoated groundwood paper) in January and how a bill called STOPP (Stop Tariffs on Printing and Publishing) was later introduced by the US Senate to pause additional duties until a study is done on their effects. Now, the House of Representatives has introduced its own bill called The PRINT (Protecting Rational Incentives in Newsprint Trade) Act that would explore the damage tariffs cause to local news coverage. The US News Media Alliance said they’d threaten the jobs of over 600,000 American workers. Trump must then decide by August 2 if he’s going to stop them.

On top of that, plate manufacturers had to raise their prices 9% to 10% earlier this year due to increased worldwide costs of aluminum. Add to that Trump’s 10% tariff on aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the EU, as well as Canada’s reciprocal tariffs imposed on US goods July 1, and now printers on both sides of the border could pay even more for printing plates. On behalf of Canadian printers, thank you Donald, for starting an unnecessary trade war with your best friends – and hurting US printers in the process. Furthermore, his ongoing hateful rhetoric about immigrants, women, the disabled, the press, and those that disagree with him – including Canada – is now a matter of record. Folks, I was always taught never to speak ill of others unless I walked in their shoes. But I’m now of the opinion that Donald Trump is doing a sequel to the 1975 movie classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. This is absolute madness!

I tried to find a past US president who combined the personality traits and protectionist policies of Donald J. Trump. I couldn’t. He’s indeed unique. So, I researched his former area of expertise – television – and found the perfect match. Sadly, this beloved TV icon died in 1972 without realizing his enormous contribution to the current tone and depth of knowledge of White House politics. Luckily, his gravestone still resides in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, California. Please go to YouTube, type in Arnold Ziffel, watch the videos, and see if you agree with me.

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Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.