SinaLite: Exceptional, unique business cards that make a print broker’s clients stand out

In this third and final feature of our Printer Profile series on leading Canadian trade printer SinaLite (Markham, Ontario), we’re going to explore its specialty business card products and how print brokers and printers alike can help their clients stand out from their competitors in a world where business cards are becoming more and more commoditized. In Part 1, we discovered how SinaLite is continuing its expansion into label printing by offering inexpensive, full-colour labels that can be cut into any shape at no additional cost, among other benefits. Part 2 outlined how SinaLite has invested millions of dollars in the latest signage and wide-format printing and finishing equipment – offering exceptional print quality and faster turnarounds, while passing the savings along to its customers.

Differentiation in the digital age

As business professionals seek to distinguish themselves, many are moving away from standard business cards and enlisting printers and designers who can provide that competitive edge. Make no mistake, first impressions are important. And the swapping of business cards is still a personal, universally accepted greeting in today’s corporate world. The bottom line is that business cards are here to stay, even in today’s digital age. Given the trend toward differentiation and standing out, it’s vital that printers and brokers offer their customers a selection that goes beyond the more common business card papers such as 14 pt. and 16 pt. Unique and more differentiated business card stocks also allow you to sell at a premium and earn higher margins. Getting started is very simple, according to SinaLite. You can start outsourcing right away at very little risk and investment for your business. Here are five of SinaLite’s most popular high-end and unique business card choices that utilize both special finishing effects and specialty stocks:

• Metallic foil. Metallic foil business cards are notable for their shiny, unique finish that can be applied to both large and small portions of the design. The unique properties of foil allow for classy, differentiating designs not possible through other printing methods. Gold and silver foils are especially reflective and almost mirror-like. They shimmer in all lighting conditions and often look more impressive with black or white designs. Learn more at

• Spot UV with matte lamination. Few can resist the exquisite feel of a smooth, clear spot UV coating with matte lamination that will make users stand out ‘clearly’ from their competition. Special effects can also be selectively detailed or designed for maximum tactile and aesthetic appeal. Learn more at

• Kraft Paper. Simple yet striking with a classic vintage look, environmentally friendly Kraft Paper business cards are unique in both appearance and feel. They’re especially ideal for bold, dark-coloured designs. Not only will the fibres of the paper give any design a natural look, they’re 100% recyclable, produced in a sustainable process, and are a proven option for those who like to print on superior quality stock. Learn more at

• Pearl Paper. With a classy shine and smooth feel, Pearl Paper business cards are ideal for lighter colours that enhance the reflective, light-catching surface of the paper. This unique stock shimmers when viewed at different angles. Pearl Paper business cards actually contain pearl fibres that give them a smooth, metallic look. They’re also ideal for designers, marketers, or anyone who wants to attract attention from an appearance standpoint. Learn more at

• Durable Paper. This synthetic ‘paper’ lends itself to customized and short-run designs. Sourced from raw materials, it’s 100% recyclable, 100% tree-free, non-toxic, and extremely durable. Its waterproof and tear-resistant qualities guarantee that your business cards will always look exceptional, even in the most adverse conditions. These cards can also stand the test of time without tearing – making them ideal for membership or loyalty cards. Learn more at

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