From marketing to trade shows to sports

Last September at Print 18 in Chigago, I had the opportunity to listen to author and speaker Seth Godin, whom I now consider a marketing genius. He’s written almost 20 best- selling books and has been inducted into three marketing halls of fame. His presentation was one of the best I’ve ever heard. Godin has a unique take on the meaning of marketing. He defines marketing as doing work that matters for people who care. He also believes that strategic marketing is not for the masses, but for people who actually care about what you do. That, I’m sure, would include just about every printer I’ve ever met. His keynote address was Thriving in the Connected Economy – and it’s the cover story of this month’s issue written by Diana Varma, who also heard his presentation. Please be sure to check it out on page 17.

Speaking of checking things out, please stop by booth 5662 at Graphics Canada April 11-13 and say hello. We have some cost-effective lead-generation packages to boost your business. And, as we always do at this event, you can enter a free draw to win a fabulous prize.

Last month we had two Canadian “firsts” on our installations page. This month we have another. MPI Print purchased Canada’s first Scodix Cast & Cure Ultra 202 Digital Enhance- ment Press. The new press will allow its customers to add holograms and other 3D special effects, metallics, spot foiling and much more.

Last month I collected $20 from a friend in Calgary after making a bet that the Maple Leafs would beat the Calgary Flames. He even gave me a two-goal spread! Leafs won that particular game 6-2. Well, since the Flames are now on top in the Pacific division, and at press time the Maple Leafs were in a terrible tailspin, I don’t think I’ll be making another wager any time soon. Also, as a loyal Blue Jays fan, I noticed that the club is already piling up injuries even before the season begins. So I’m hoping things will improve.

As always, stay positive and stay focused.


Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine