The Best of Bindery

Part 4: Price flexibility a huge benefit in the binding books and booklets

Bookbinding technology today is a specialized trade that relies on the basic operations of measuring, cutting, assembling and gluing. The fact is that a finished book might require dozens of operations to complete, depending on the specific style and materials the customer requests, as well as its end use. Bookbinding also requires knowledge about numerous varieties of book structures as well as the internal and external intricacies of assembly. Also, a good working knowledge of the materials involved is a must. Bookbinding is actually an artistic craft within a highly mechanized industry. Yet the basics still rule. They are: first, how to hold the pages of a book together; second, how to cover and protect the held-together pages; and third (and likely the most creative), how to label and decorate the protective cover.

But for many consumers, the beauty of specialty and customized bookbinding lies in the fact that the final product can look as plain or as sophisticated as one desires. And that final basic step of how to label and decorate the protective cover can spawn some incredibly imaginative ideas. For example, at the recently concluded Graphics Canada tradeshow, I showed an array of samples to visitors of all ages at my booth. I can guarantee you that they were more than impressed – not just with the high quality, but with the pricing options as they asked about adding more and more binding embellishments to the printed pieces. Bottom line: The final book or booklet may look expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 11 basic binding techniques, beginning with the least expensive and ending with options that are slightly more costly. I say “costly” with reservations, because the actual prices will likely be well within your budget.

  1. Standard Binding
  2. Back Cover Binding
  3. Square Back Binding
  4. Catalogue/Publishers Binding
  5. Reverse Binding
  6. Semi-Exposed Binding
  7. Pasted Back Binding
  8. Cased In Binding
  9. Pocket Binding
  10. Easel Binding
  11. Calendar Binding