4OVER Canada reinvents itself

The trade printer’s new client-centered approach includes convenient access to staff, a welcoming reception area, and more rollouts of value-added print products.

How often has this happened to you? You process an order through a trade printer’s online portal – but when you want to check on its progress, it’s almost impossible to talk directly to a sales rep. And when you finally do arrive to pick up your job, the environment is unprofessional and unwelcoming. Well, 4over Canada plans to change all that. They’ve already begun with some proactive initiatives aimed at making them even more responsive, more accessible, more welcoming – and above all, more human!TEAM 4OVER CANADA (left to right) Bill Breen (Production Manager), Suzan Doucet (Senior Marketing Specialist) and James Marvin (Plant Manager).

 “What we experienced when our new management team took over in 2017, was that there was a disconnect between our customers and our staff,” said 4over Senior Marketing Specialist Suzan Doucet. “Sure, orders were processed, and our clients were happy. But, because of the nature of today’s online ordering and the fast turnarounds required, there was little-or-no human interaction between our staff and our clients. We were determined to change this, so we instituted an open-door policy. We encouraged clients to come to our plant – not just to pick up their orders, but to see how we can partner with them to grow their businesses. We wanted to bring back simple, old-fashioned service along with the human interaction that we felt was missing from today’s workplaces. You know, there still is such a thing as a telephone call with people on the other end that care and want to talk to you.”

Proactive steps paying off

So what’s been the result of this new approach? “For starters, we’ve grown the business significantly since 2017. We’ve cleaned up the shop by being proactive and implementing new processes to refine our workflow efficiencies over time,” said 4over Plant Manager James Marvin.

“We took the time to chat with our clients in person and discussed ways of entering new markets to add value for their customers, such as creating packaging prototypes for their clients or adding foil printing or premium stocks and finishes. We’re also in the process of hiring another customer service rep to add to our existing team of consultants,” he continued.

4over Canada’s new welcoming reception area (left) includes an NHL-themed couch, while its expanded customer pick-up area (right) reflects its Canadian outdoors motif.

You need to look no further than 4over’s complimentary Premium Sample Pack for one successful example of this transition. This non-branded sales aid is a collection of exceptional business cards and other high-end print products encased in a tri-fold brochure made of luxurious Pearl Metallic card stock, with “Printed in Canada” proudly displayed on the back. 4over has also continued to roll out specialized products that allow print buyers to help their clients differentiate themselves from their competition. Some of the more recent additions include 32-pt., double-sided Painted Edge Business Cards, 10mm Coroplast with custom Real Estate Grommeting, and many more.

Core Values

As 4over Canada sees it, the 4over brand represents many things – but it could easily be interpreted as Openness, Value, Empathy, and Relationships.

For more information, a plant tour, or to meet the team, please call 1-877-787-2737  to speak with James Marvin.