Best of Bindery Series – No die cutting or glue necessary here!

Part 8 : Examples of folders that can be created automatically, without die-cutting or gluing!

As we mentioned in the past several columns, automated folding technology today has reached unprecedented levels of sophistication. Automation has also resulted in significantly reduced costs – especially for longer runs. The folded samples I selected below can be done automatically and require no die-cutting or gluing. But rest assured, your creativity will definitely impress your customers – and potential clients. Please keep them in mind the next time you want to add that special touch to any printed piece. These are just a few of the literally dozens of folding options currently available.

Angled Accordion Fold


Centred Stepped Accordion Fold

Centred Stepped Accordion

Corner Fold


Double Accordion Fold


Mock Book FolderMock-Book-Folder

Stepped Accordion Folder


Wrapped Stepped Accordion Folder

Norm Beange, Owner of Specialties Graphic Finishers, Toronto 2019

Norm Beange, owner of Toronto-based Specialties Graphic Finishers, has over40 years of experience and expertise as a leader in binding and finishing technology. He can be reached at