AIIM capitalizes on the future with the RICOH Pro VC70000 Colour Inkjet Platform

Avant Imaging and Integrated Media Inc (AIIM – Aurora, Ontario) have established themselves as visionaries within the Canadian Integrated Marketing Solutions space. Their continued success is attributed to their ability to react and adapt to new technologies to serve the unique needs of their growing customer base.

With the purchase of the very first Ricoh VC70000 High Speed Inkjet Printer in Canada, AIIM now has the final component to complete its transformation into “The Digital Smart Factory” providing a vast suite of new services to the marketplace in record time.

The latest Ricoh Pro VC 70000, with a print output speed of 492 ft/min, will allow AIIM to significantly reduce time to market for high value documents and expedite Print-On-Demand to a whole new level.

“Our investment in the Ricoh Pro VC 70000 represents a valuable partnership that will continue to support our growth within the Integrated Marketing Solutions landscape by delivering and exceeding our customer’s expectations,” said Mario Giorgio, CEO at AIIM. “Our clients will continue to benefit from our investments both financially and operationally by not committing to traditional warehouse space for materials that are preprinted and stored.

“AIIM’s continued trust in Ricoh further strengthens our partnership and will provide them with an advantage to succeed within a competitive marketplace,” said Glenn Laverty, CEO at Ricoh Canada. “We celebrate AIIM’s ability to recognize how adopting new technology will enable them to stay a step ahead of the competition.”