MindFire launches groundbreaking, easy-to-use marketing technology to grow sales for printers

MindFire launches groundbreaking, easy-to-use marketing technology to grow sales for printers

Next-generation Da Vinci marketing software builds upon 20+ years of proven technology that helps commercial printers boost their bottom line

MindFire, the leading provider of marketing software and services for printers, has once again released innovative technology to help printers drive revenue. “For years, we’ve helped printers sell digital marketing services, such as combining direct mail with PURLs, social media, email, landing pages, mobile marketing and more,” said Joe Manos, EVP of MindFire. “Today, we’re announcing a significant investment to help all printers do something that every successful business requires, regardless of size or capability:  find more customers without the frustrating, costly and time-consuming process of producing regular self-promotional marketing campaigns. Our exciting new technology addresses the number one challenge that all print service providers deal with today – getting face-to-face with prospects and customers to discuss new printing solutions. We’re doing that by providing printers with everything they need, including end-to-end campaign content, so that 80% of the work is done with only minimal customization required to launch,” Manos added.

A history of helping printers succeed

MindFire’s flagship product, Studio, was launched in 2012 to help printers increase revenue through the creation of campaigns that seamlessly weaved together print and non-print channels. Building upon this proven and powerful technology, MindFire Da Vinci was born. The technology was a simple, web-based interface that guided non-technical users through the planning and launching of sophisticated multi-channel marketing campaigns – but with extraordinary ease and time savings. “I like to joke with my printer clients that if they can’t easily launch campaigns using Da Vinci themselves, I’ll rent out one of my children to them,” said Dave Rosendahl, MindFire’s co-founder. “Without a doubt, my 5-year-old daughter can launch campaigns with Da Vinci. And if she can do it, printers can too,” he added.

An entirely new level of sophistication and ease of use

With MindFire’s Da Vinci, printers:

  • No longer have to worry about what kinds of marketing workflows they need to build to achieve their lead-generation objectives. This is because Da Vinci comes with built-in “Blueprints.”  Each Blueprint is a proven workflow solution that makes it easy to perform common marketing tasks – such as driving traffic to content, or capturing interactions with a ‘lead magnet.’ 
  • Can eliminate the expense of creating their own high-value content, because Da Vinci can provide end-to-end campaigns that can be used to drive interest in printing services. These end-to-end campaigns include: all the content required to ‘power drip’ emails, lead generation landing pages and downloadable eBooks. They also cover a variety of topics that are of interest to marketers in both B2B and B2C fields.
  • Can start creating fresh, new leads – even if they have no lists to import – through Da Vinci’s website Lead Alerter, a utility that turns turn anonymous web traffic into actual names and companies.  

“Using MindFire Da Vinci, we’re convinced that printers are just one campaign away from growing their print business to unprecedented levels,” said MindFire CEO Moe Farsheed.

MindFire: Your partner in the digital transformation 

MindFire’s innovative marketing automation software allows print and marketing professionals to create highly personalized marketing workflows, orchestrate direct mail, email, mobile and social media campaigns, automate ‘drip-and-nurture sequences,’ and track performance with comprehensive analytics. Today, thousands of brands across 24 countries worldwide depend on MindFire’s powerful, automated marketing platform, comprehensive customer training and unmatched customer service, to manage tens of thousands of marketing campaigns annually.

MindFire has developed solutions necessary to respond to the digital transformation in the print industry, giving users the ability to leverage print along with the digital world to maximize results, create a much better customer experience, and communicate personally to the right person with right message on the right channel at the right time. The reality is that one or two channels is no longer enough to cut through the noise, so MindFire has created a variety of solutions to leverage direct mail, email, social media, landing pages, the Internet, ringless voicemail, sms text and much more.

In its most basic form, this leading-edge technology helps printers accomplish two necessary strategies:

  1. Continuously market their current services and products to sell more of both to prospects and clients alike.
  2. Create a new revenue stream by offering high-value, multi-channel marketing services to a printer’s clients

To do this, the company has a series of products and services for printers as well as its direct-mail clients, all based on a patent-pending platform that resides on the Amazon Cloud.

Sorting out the logistics

Every company faces the same challenge of believing that its customers and prospects know all the services and products that you provide. But the reality is that they don’t. MindFire has created a solution that allows printers to easily market and advertise all your offerings to your current database, as well as every new person your sales team meets. We call this solution “set it and forget it” because essentially you’re continuously building awareness among them.

Some MindFire clients want to integrate with third-party systems (such as their CRM, a POS system, their online storefront, an external database etc.) and run more sophisticated workflows where they can leverage rules, variables and triggers to set up more complex marketing and communications programs for themselves as well as their clients. For that, we have an extremely flexible platform called Studio.

MindFire also works with many printers who have clients who rely on them for exceptionally high-volume direct mail offering one million+DM per month, typically in the following verticals: higher education, financial services, casinos and fundraising (non-profits). Specifically for them, the company has a high-volume direct mail + digital solution designed to achieve higher acquisition and response rates.

Some MindFire clients have large distributed clients, franchise models, or sales reps. Typically, for example, compliance plays an important role in their marketing materials for financial services. They want to offer 500+ agents/remote offices a portal with few ‘semi-canned’ marketing campaigns. For this, MindFire has a proven solution that easily allows users to scale marketing programs. Again, this is where Da Vinci excels.

Basically then, MindFire is a progressive technology and services company where customers leverage its groundbreaking proprietary technology and execute the programs on their own with relative ease. It also has an experienced in-house agency team which offers a full suite of marketing services for its customers or their clients’ customers. The value-add with this service is that we use your own configuration of Studio – and whenever a printer likes, we can hand over ‘the keys’ to all of his or her marketing campaigns.

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