The App You Must See

What if your customer had an app on their Mac or PC that created a special printer on their machine to create PDF files for you?   What if this special printer not only created PDFs but preflighted them first and then sent them directly to you?  Your customer could open any document in any … Read more →

Not just for prepress—existing software can help you do more

Just because a software package is marketed towards prepress doesn’t mean that it stops there. There are many software programs in every prepress department that can be used for other things. It is not that complicated to automate processes in the office, sales department, shipping department or elsewhere in your shop. Below is a list of what other tasks can be accomplished with regular software found in a prepress department.

Smart preflight and HP SmartStream in smart automation

Each step in a workflow is performed over and over again, every day. There are subtle changes that can alter its direction. Workflows like these can be fully automated using your existing responses to those subtle changes that define the paths of your workflow.

With the addition of a Preflight and Automation software your existing technology could allow for an automated workflow where a CSR submits a job that is automatically preflighted, imposed and setup for the Indigo press all in one step.

Apago plugins for SWITCH

One developer provides several products that don’t break the bank. Apago, located north of Atlanta, Georgia has been providing software to the Graphic Arts Industry for 20 years. Their products are affordable and can accomplish a complete web-to-print workflow when used with SWITCH. Apago has several products and currently three plugins for use in SWITCH:

PowerSWITCH 10 and Chili Publisher 2.0: hot new upgrades

Enfocus started off the Chili Publisher World Tour by announcing the addition of Chili Publish as a Crossroads Application Partner. Chili Publisher was showcased in the October 2011 Tour in New York, London, Paris and other cities. Among the new features were the Chili Publish Plugin for SWITCH, the Chili Publish Flash Viewer and the Chili Publish iPad Reader. The Crossroads partnership gives SWITCH and its counterparts a connection directly into web portals via Chili Publisher API.

Easy fill-in-the-blanks automation

Pairing the right products can easily give you “fill-in-the-blanks” automation. The correct team of automation software can have you up and running right after install and have you on your way to a very fast return on investment. One set of products that provides a large set of customizable tools right out of the box is Enfocus SWITCH 10 with the Callas PDFToolbox 5 plug-ins. Although together both products have hundreds of features and ways to customize automated workflows, the fill-in-the-blanks automation that is available is what will get you hooked right away.