CHILI publish

CHILI publish is new and it is not like any other online publishing product on the block. Think of it as a platform you control on your own server. A webserver to brand as many sites in as many ways as you want. A system that provides control over what your users see and access.

Use peak season analysis to improve workflow

Now that the busy season is over, it’s the perfect time to analyze the results to make improvements for the next year. Looking back on the busy season, problems always cropped up, one or two customers didn’t get the best service and everyone worked extra hours to get everything out the door. Use this time after the rush to gather data for budgeting, hiring and upgrading for the new year.

Manufacturing musts with a web-to-print system

If you have invested in a fully automated web-to-print solution with financial database, congratulations, all the points in this article should be covered by your system. If your web-to-print solution is more of an online order and delivery system, you will need to help out your manufacturing system.

The following items need to be part of a web-to-print solution for it to succeed and profit.

Automation tricks for on-demand workflow

I was surprised to hear that some shops are still using postscript files to send to their presses, printers and copiers because they want to use the “Number of Copies” feature for their on-demand workflows. This process works just fine; however, in a PDF workflow it is an extra step.

The PDF alone does not have any features for printing a number of copies, but there are many ways to get multiple copies or page count information into RIPs, including older ones. Here are some examples of automation strategies for a number of different configurations:

Keep automation software updated

Using automation to save money and increase capacity is quickly becoming the norm in the graphic arts industry. Automatic preflight and optimization software for customer supplied PDFs reduces the amount of hands-on work in the prepress department.

Standardize with PrintTalk

If you are working with developers to implement online systems for job delivery and e-commerce, make sure you are leading them in the right direction. Many storefront developers have prepackaged design systems on the front end and a management system on the back end. They know little about the print manufacturing process and existing standards, and this creates a hurdle for print providers. Know what your standards are and ask for them.

Automate production of online orders

If you have a system to receive orders online, there are many ways to automate the production process. Often, the manual process of production is on a job-by-job basis. Each file submitted comes from an uncontrolled source, which means preflighting is required and sizes require updating and formatting to accommodate the press layout. Mistakes are made when trying to create an automated system based on the job-by-job process. The job must fit the system; you cannot create an automated workflow that deals with every problem.

XML: the little file that does the heavy lifting

The following should provide the tools you need to create a network and server friendly automated system. When you start to use an automation toolkit you start by thinking of how to work with production jobs.

Copy files to the server, open fonts, preflight, open source files and edit, make postscript, make pdf, preflight again, color optimize, impose, send to press, this is what is in our mind when we start to create automated workflows. We visualize the entire job folder going through the system hitting each checkpoint and moving along.

Breathe new life into your offset press

There is automation software available that runs as a quiet companion alongside your offset press. This software will breathe new life into your press and actually comes with a money back guarantee for its Return on Investment (ROI) in less than six months. It also guarantees compliance with Process Standard Offset (PSO) certification requirements for the pressroom after a few days in production. This software is easy to install and will not affect the way you work; it will silently watch press production and report when it has moved from your set standards.

Acrobat text tricks

The most common and annoying problem to deal with in a PDF workflow is adding new text to a PDF. Whether there are pages that need to be numbered or slug information that needs to be added for proofing or printing, something that should be so simple can be complicated within a PDF. The same is true when trying to automate the simple addition of text to PDF files; Javascript allows only certain commands to be automated within Acrobat and is subject to the same errors encountered when adding text manually.

PDF Standardizer — the all-in-one solution

You can install and start today with the all-in-one solution PDF Standardizer. This package is built on a combination of technologies offered by Enfocus and Alwan Color Expertise. The best part is that the setup does not require a high level of expertise or training.

The components of PDF Standardizer are packaged versions of well-known existing software: