Quite Hot Imposing – plug it in

When creating automated workflows, the tools you choose should have features that allow you to grow in any direction you want. Opening software up to third-party developers ensures variety, creativity and the ability to choose. There is a long list of third-party plugins created for FullSWITCH and PowerSWITCH offering extensive flexibility to customize workflows. One of these plugins is Quite Hot Imposing.

Maintain your automated workflows

One thing to consider when automating direct-to-press or plate workflows is to include a maintenance program to keep things running smoothly. At first, while the system is being monitored to work out any issues, everything is kept clean and tidy. When the workflow begins to stand on its own, it is not being monitored as closely and that is when a good maintenance plan pays off.

Automation requirement: clean up your fonts

Before you attempt automation, you need to ensure you have cleaned up your files and have practices in place to allow automated workflows to succeed. As you upgrade and maintain your hardware and software, you should also include your fonts. Workstations have fonts stored in many locations – the Quark folder, InDesign folder, library, user … Read more →

Standardize and optimize PDF colour

There are professional tools available to create internationally standardized PDF files. You may be creating PDF/X standard files right out of Indesign or Acrobat Distiller, but is your colour standardized? Can you rely on your separated CMYK PDF files to reproduce correctly? Crossroads Automation lists several partners in colour optimization and standardization. Elpical, Alwan, Apago, … Read more →

Beware of automatic software updates

Almost every application used in production is set to automatically update itself through the Internet. The decision to update is purely based on the fact that we are told that it is available, but this is not always the best policy. The operating system of a Mac is, by default, set to announce new updates … Read more →

Automate and save

We have all been reading that automation is the key to saving money, eliminating errors, increasing capacity and getting the most out of our existing equipment and resources. Getting started can be made easy with do-it-yourself software and your own server. The following are some suggested server setups that can be implemented with relatively low … Read more →

This is your time to automate

Serious attention is focused on workflow automation. Now, with an online community at www.crossroads-world.com, the industry has a forum to share ideas, discuss issues directly with the third party developers and find local partners for custom solutions. What holds many people back is not knowing how or where to start. Here are some steps to … Read more →

Bigger files, same old FTP

With the latest versions of software, there is a great power to create. We are, however, creating larger and larger files, filling up CDs and DVDs to send to the printer and uploading files to their FTP sites. For years, prepress personnel have talked customers through sending files via FTP from their Macs and PCs, … Read more →