Built-in automation for Aperture

When I started using Aperture, I was amazed at all the Automation support available for the product. As always, I must spread the news. If you launch Automator, and type Aperture in the search window you will see a list of built-in actions that are ready to use with Automator workflows. From here, you can … Read more →

Resources for automating workflows

I’ve developed many different automated workflows, but I couldn’t have done it without some key resources at my disposal. There are too many resources to list in one article, but the ones discussed below are great to start with if you are keen to further automate your workflows. The homepage of Crossroads (http://Crossroads.Gradual.com), announces that … Read more →

A valuable piece of Quartz

When running variable data jobs, one often needs to deal with thousands of small PDF files or one big fat PDF. In both cases, it can take quite a bit of Acrobat time to make any changes to these files, and your system will need all of its resources. By using Automator, you can bypass … Read more →

Making press ready PDFs for digital printing

So, what is the best way for a designer to produce and proof their own press ready PDF files for short run digital printing? Digital Colour printers use a “composite workflow”, and thus do not require separated files. We can follow different rules when sending files to these printers. Firstly, they can process RGB images … Read more →

Flexible Acrobat PDF Automation

The PDF file format has changed printing workflows over the years, and workflows also change as the flow of data changes. Too much of our time is spent finding the best way to get new files through our workflow. The Acrobat elements in FullSWITCH and PowerSWITCH give you the tools to automate many of the … Read more →

Free up prepress by automating

Picture a typical pile of dockets at the start of the day. Someone looks through them and decides where to start, prioritizes them, and then puts them back in the pile. Of course there is often a second person who shuffles through them again after that. The point is that the pile often sits somewhere … Read more →

CS3 and the easy way to learn scripting

InDesign CS3 contains sample scripts that you can view, test, and use right now. Not only can you run these Applescripts and Javascripts on your own Mac, you can open them up and see how they work. InDesign CS3 includes 21 sample scripts in both Applescript and Javascript (and Visual Basic on the PC). You … Read more →

Transparency Tricks You Can Use Today

Transparency is used in every file these days.  From drop shadows and glow effects to type and gradients, designers have a complete set of transparency tools at their fingertips. Despite their name, the tools’ functions are often less than transparent, so following are some tricks to overcome common transparency problems. Problem: You have a PDF … Read more →