Colour matching on press

How can we use a colour measurement device to determine if a particular colour is an acceptable match? We all know that colour is extremely subjective and can look different when viewed under various lighting conditions. The good news is that we have a method to measure colour differences. In many print shops you are … Read more →

CMYK colour control

It is amazing how technology can change responsibilities. If you think back five to ten years ago it was the job of the scanner operator to ensure your CMYK file was ready for print. But today the responsibility is in the hands of the content creators, the designers and the photographers. Unfortunately, the problem with … Read more →

CMYK standards and specifications

Targeting a CMYK conversion for a specific printing condition can be as easy as opening Photoshop and selecting Image / Mode Convert to CMYK. Case closed and onto the next task. The problem is that creating a good CMYK conversion requires the understanding of where and how the file is going to be printed. Keep … Read more →

Review of monitor calibration product: huey

Pantone has released a new product for monitor calibration called the huey, developed in conjunction with GretagMacbeth. The interesting part of this story isn’t that we have another monitor calibration program in an already crowded market, but that it costs less than $100 (CDN). This is bottom-of-the-barrel pricing for a monitor calibrator. Previously, the lowest … Read more →

Preparing images for large format digital printing

Learning about colour management and how it can help prepare images for large-format printing processes is the only way to avoid these pitfalls. As I write, I am spending a few hours in an airport, an appropriate place to evaluate the state of today’s signage, with its combination of backlit, vinyl, and paper-based displays. Most … Read more →

Soft proofing replaces the hard proof

I predict that within three years, we’ll be viewing more proofs on press via a flat-screen colour monitor than with a hard copy proof. Consider these facts: At a recent conference in Hong Kong, TIME, Inc. unveiled their proofing goals – to eliminate hard-copy proofs in Asia in the next year and in the U.S. … Read more →

Printer review: HP Designjet 130

I’ve been reading about this printer for a few months and everything I’ve read has been overwhelmingly positive. So I called HP and asked for a demo to be sent to my office for testing. Upon receiving the printer, I was immediately surprised by the size of the box. Pictures can be deceiving and I … Read more →

Review of Proofmaster RIPs

Deciding what RIP software to utilize can be a difficult decision when you consider there are over 40 RIPs available and within the 40 there are a variety of market segments. Finding one RIP that can do it all can be challenging. For many digital imaging users there is the need to print full gamut … Read more →

What the #$%@ Happened to My Image?

Here’s the scenario. You have spent most of the night retouching and colour correcting images. You’ve calibrated and profiled your monitor, hard-proofed on your inkjet printer via a profiled and calibrated RIP and you always view your proofs under controlled D50 lighting. As well, you insisted that the printer supply a proof, just to be … Read more →

The State of Digital Proofing

First and foremost, in spite of some negative experiences in the past, inkjet printers are a viable option for contract proofing. In fact, it’s estimated that in less than five years as much as 90% of proofing will be done on inkjets. The biggest selling points for inkjet proofs are the costs, faster turnarounds, fewer … Read more →

Gretangmacbeth’s New Eye-One Display 2

In the past three years the field of monitor calibration has become very competitive and in the end it is the consumers that are benefiting from the advancements being brought to market as the top colour management companies fight for that number one spot. GretagMacbeth recently upgraded the Eye-One Display monitor calibration software and hardware … Read more →

Soft-Proofing – Part 2

Offering your customers and an on-site monitor profiling service so that they can actually see what you will print can have long-term rewards. The customer feels they are calibrated to your specific press which creates a connection that is difficult to replicate. The components of a monitor profiling system A decent monitor is the first … Read more →