Looking forward

This may be the last time… With drupa finished for another four years, and the lazy—or at least slightly lazier—days of summer beckoning, it’s my pleasure to introduce our July/August double issue, which is full of some post-drupa reading which will benefit both attendees and those who didn’t manage to get across the pond. I … Read more →

Looking forward

It all comes back to flour sacks After reading Jeanette Clinkunbroomer’s article on lean manufacturing, which starts on page 24, it occurred to me that perhaps the problem with waste in printing—and in so many other areas—isn’t that we waste. Instead, the problem is that we’ve forgotten (or never knew) exactly what waste is. Which … Read more →

Personal Fulfillment

The sun is shining, the scilla, tulips, and daffodils are adding a much-needed touch of cyan, magenta, and yellow to the landscape, and spring is everywhere you look. It’s a season of change and renewal—what better time than now for a change and renewal of our cover? “It doesn’t look that different,” you might be … Read more →

Looking forward

Tools of the trade It’s pretty easy to tell other people what to do. Looking in from the outside and offering suggestions is a universal human trait, exhibited by everyone from backseat drivers to magazine editors. The more difficult task, of course, is to offer specifics—moving beyond “hey, was that really the best lane?” to … Read more →

Living in a digital world

It’s a digital world at Hewlett Packard, and their recent pre-drupa event in Israel revealed (for those who didn’t know already) their desire to add more digital colour to your world. Journalists and analysts converged on Tel Aviv for an information-packed four days in which HP executives revealed their hopes for the company’s future, and … Read more →

A flexible member of the family

“We have to listen to our customers, to understand…it is you who are using the press.” So said Paul Pirkle, MAN Roland’s Vice President of Commercial Web Sales, as he discussed their new Euroman press at an event in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The Euroman has just had its North American premiere—the first installation is at … Read more →

Graphics Canada Report

Graphics Canada (November 8-10 at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario) brought together Canada’s heavy hitters in print and graphic design, as well as many new or smaller niche players just wanting to see what was going on in the industry. It was a great year for designers, as the Design City area held booths … Read more →

Graphics Canada pre-show

This year’s Graphics Canada—from November 8th to 10th at the International Centre near the Pearson Airport in Toronto—is the 44th anniversary of a show that many have come to rely on as a predictor of trends and showcase of new products for the Canadian printing industry. New this year will be a flexo and converting … Read more →

Musicians need not apply

Tired of “playing the piano,” as Heidelberg’s Jeff Polley puts it, with the ink keys on your press to ensure even colour? Frustrated with the high percentage of waste on short-run offset jobs? If you answered yes to either of these questions, and are looking for a reliable short-run-ready offset press, Heidelberg Canada hopes that … Read more →

Graph Expo Report

To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, “This is the way the show ends/ not with a bang but a whimper.” Graph Expo 2007 (a sold-out show, I might add) was larger than last year’s show and was of course full of fabulous events and informative booths. But for most of the major players, the theme seemed to … Read more →

Graphics Canada pre-show

Graphics Canada is coming up and, with so many different exhibitors, it’s often difficult to plan your show priorities. To aid in your decisions, we present below a partial list of exhibitors to both whet your appetite and help decide which booths you simply must visit. Due to space constraints not all exhibitors are listed … Read more →

You’ve never seen it like this

What can variable do for me? If you’re in the printing industry, I’m sure its a question you’ve asked yourself—perhaps you’ve even answered it by building up a variable data portion of your business to add value for your customers. The widespread adaption of digital means that variable is becoming a larger part of many … Read more →