Plastic “Affinity” Cards

First, keep in mind that a card is not a card, i.e., there are several products that lend themselves to the “affinity” approach. For example, there are bareback cards (7-15 mil plastic), bareback labels (for example, 2 mil clear polyester permit decal substrate), and tip-on cards (7-30 mil plastic). All three products are available in … Read more →

Print Outlook 2004

Dr. Jeff Rosensweig, Professor at Atlanta’s Emory University Business School, offered conference participants a long-term perspective on global growth. Based upon population shifts and energy consumption, Rosensweig forecasted a global impact from the emerging economies such as Brazil, India, Russia and China. On the contrary, the European Union and Japan will be facing a challenge … Read more →

Redefine Your Future with Mailing and Fulfillment Services

Documenting the changing dynamics of fulfillment demands is often achieved by holding quarterly business reviews (QBRs). These vital meetings allow the fulfillment staff and the client to review on-time shipments, dock-to-stock time, “autopsies” on recent start-ups or kitting projects, as well as hearing plans for other seasonal expectations. A panel of printers that provide various … Read more →

Executive Outlook Conference 2003

“Surviving After the Economic Upturn” was addressed by NAPL’s Chief Economist Andrew Paparozzi as he reiterated, “The rising tide will not lift all boats!” The recession actually ended two years ago, as measured by GDP growth, and yet the printing industry has continued to suffer as “excesses and imbalances have not been cleaned up since … Read more →

Solid Expectation for Graph Expo ’03

Here is my reasoning for predicting a very solid trade show with opportunities for everyone. The new product pipeline coming from technology research and development follows a logarithmic expansion path. GATF’s Technology Awards program was introduced in 1978. Since then, 161 vendor products have been acknowledged as “expecting to make a major impact on the … Read more →