Decision fatigue can clog your brain

Here’s how you can overcome the thief of good decisions Before you lift your head off the pillow in the morning and plant your feet on the floor, how many decisions have you made? Internet sources estimate that an adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Cornell University researchers estimate that individuals make 226.7 … Read more →

Is your business growth stuck?

The solution may be to change soft organizational factors Despite a healthy working capital and a quick ratio measure, what’s is it that’s flying below the radar and preventing your business from reaching its next revenue target? If it’s not money, what is it? It’s those soft organizational factors that, when bundled together, form the … Read more →

Women in print

Is the dynamic shifting for women in this industry? In mid-June, toward the end of the last session of a hectic day at a conference in Burnaby, British Columbia, a photographer positioned four of Canada’s inkjet leaders in a row and snapped a picture. It’s that picture of four gentlemen in blue suits sitting in … Read more →

For the record: Ruben Silva

It’s been eight years since Ruben Silva, Agfa’s Vice President, Sales and Managing Director, Canada, gazed into his crystal ball and forecast what was on the print horizon for 2010. Graphic Arts caught up with Ruben in August 2017 for his 2018 print industry forecast. C:  What’s on the economic radar for 2018? R: Optimism. … Read more →

Connectivity: Communities of personal relationships breed success

In today’s complex world of globalization, instantaneous communication and social media, ask a manager to define connectivity and immediately a smartphone or electronic gadget is drawn from its holster and held up for viewing. These pocket-sized devices rely on a global computer network (the Internet) to provide access to an interconnected system of standardized communication … Read more →