Diana Varma is an Instructor at the School of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University and the Owner of ON-SITE First Aid & CPR Training Group, a health & safety company that provides training to the Graphic Arts Industry.

Update on MIS solutions for print

A management information system (MIS) can be an indispensable tool for organizations large and small. They act as information storage systems, as well as workflow tools to both unite business components and standardize processes throughout an organization.

Colour Management: Digital Press Certification

Colour science and “printing to the numbers” is critical to providing consistent quality in the graphic arts industry. It is widely understood that colour reproduction must be accurate and that colour management systems help provide reliability. Reinventing the (colour) wheel for every printing job is time consuming, stressful and an unnecessary practice, especially with the technology available today.

Packaging: what’s new?

When it comes to what’s new and what’s profitable in the packaging industry, it can be described in one word: sustainability. In its raw form, sustainability refers to “the capacity to endure” and at the current rate of societal change, having the ability to adapt and endure through transformation is more relevant now then ever before.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a hot topic in 2012 and it is likely to stay a hot topic for several years to come. If you own a smartphone you have likely experienced mobile marketing to some degree, whether it meant scanning a QR code that linked to more information, downloading an app branded by a specific company or you may have simply accessed a company’s website via the mobile browser on your smartphone.

The art of book binding

The fundamentals of bookbinding have changed quite dramatically over the course of hundreds and even thousands of years that craftsmen have been binding books, although the essence has remained the same. Bookbinding is the act of assembling text pages into a book block (whether in folded signatures or loose-leaf) and then attaching the book block to a cover for stability, protection and to communicate important information.

drupa 2012 preview

Like the Olympics, it happens every four years. It would take every issue of this magazine, and then some, to look at the amazing technology that will be showcased at this year’s drupa tradeshow May 3 – 16 in Düsseldorf, Germany. We wish we could include every exhibitor, especially those making an impact here in Canada.

An update on digital press tech

Changes in economic climate, competitive challenges and increasing customer expectations have brought digital press technology to the forefront of our modern-day printing industry. As our industry shifts to a greater reliance on customization and shorter turnaround, an ever-expanding repertoire of digital presses are making waves in the marketplace. In an update on new digital press technology, let’s explore emerging technologies in digital label presses and digital packaging presses.

Recruiting 101

Peter Shutz’s philosophy on recruitment is admirable: “Hire character. Train skill.” Although suitable candidates must possess a level of knowledge and skillset to meet the job requirements, having the right attitude, passion and fit with the desired organization is necessary for long-term employee retention and success. Finding the right candidate, who is committed to your organizational goals and believes in your product or service helps to authentically perpetuate your brand.