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Grow your business internationally with CanExport

Here’s some good news for companies contemplating expanding to new markets internationally. The Government of Canada’s newly announced CanExport Program will provide up to $50 million over five years in direct financial support to small- and medium-sized enterprises in Canada seeking to develop new export opportunities and markets. Delivered by the Trade Commissioner Service of … Read more →

Federal funds to support your innovation

Canada’s 23rd prime minister, Justin Trudeau is just beginning his four year mandate in which he promises “real change”. There were a significant number of promises made during the campaign, and it will be quite a task for the government to enact them all in a timely manner, while keeping Canada fiscally sound. One of … Read more →

What to expect from the new Liberal government

The people of Canada have spoken. The Liberals, after a brilliantly run campaign, have been awarded a majority government, just four years after being relegated being to the third place party. So, what changes with respect to existing government programs that support business growth are we likely to see, and what new programming directions are … Read more →

Getting ready for a new federal government

By now, it appears that the 42nd Parliament will likely look dramatically different from the 41st. Unless the pollsters are all wrong or there is a significant shift in voter opinion, all signs point to a minority government. How will this coalition government affect the funding help that will be available to you after the … Read more →