Sense or no sense

Years ago, I worked for a very insightful man who was president and CEO of our company. When we were doing performance evaluations, the employee’s intelligence and academic qualifications would frequently be raised in the evaluation process. The president would brush these attributes aside and ask, is Tom or Carol “maze bright?” Many people had … Read more →

Is HR a cost you can do without?

During tough economic times, organizations try to cut every cost they can; anything unnecessary goes. A hand-to-mouth attitude takes over. Activities that don’t immediately contribute to profits are classed as disposable. In many organizations, one area of the business that is viewed in this light is human resources. Unfortunately, human resources management is frequently seen … Read more →

A time to think smart

Everytime a business, industry or country faces an economic crisis there is a propensity for some decision makers to succumb to knee-jerk reactions. These reactions frequently take the form of substantial “across the board” cuts in everything from expense spending to staff reductions. Little thought is given to what effect the action will have on … Read more →

An opportunity for change

Many businesses will undoubtedly find these times to be too challenging and, as a result, will either voluntarily decide to wind-up or, alternatively, be forced into liquidation. In some situations, businesses should have been closed much earlier, since they were run using poor business practices. They were poorly managed and only through some good luck … Read more →

Has the stock market crash hurt you?

This question was recently asked in an Internet poll. At the time of the poll, 45% of the participants indicated that the crash had hurt them a lot. Another 30% indicated that they had been hurt a little, while 26% indicated that they hadn’t been hurt at all. The surprising statistic isn’t the 45%, but … Read more →


How many times do you look at an under-performing employee and wonder how that individual was hired? An even more disturbing thought is wondering how that person stayed employed with your company for so long. The answer to both questions lies in the fact that management most likely did not carry our their responsibilities properly. … Read more →

Silence is not always golden

Recently, the LPGA has stirred up a lot of controversy with its edict that all of its members must be able to speak “understandable” English by the end of the second year they’re on the tour. The LPGA claims they are taking this action in order for their members to communicate with the media and … Read more →

Are you lonesome tonight?

If the top dogs of an organization had a theme song, it would be the popular Elvis-tune, Are you Lonesome Tonight? Maintaining a self-sufficient image, executives and top managers often lead a lonely existence at work. Although these wise leaders reap expert knowledge from the specialists they employ, they are often faced with dilemmas they … Read more →

Why is she so important?

Does this question ever cross your mind when you are sitting waiting for Sally the marketing manager or Susan the sales rep to arrive at a meeting? It crosses my mind, and it sure bothers me. Time and again, meetings are delayed while the chairperson waits for late participants to arrive. As time goes by, … Read more →

Fred Pamenter

How often do you attend a meeting and then begin to forget about its contents once the chair announces the meeting is adjourned? “Too often,” is my answer to that question. Many managers find that they have so many matters demanding their attention that once a meeting ends, its content moves to the bottom of … Read more →

It’s Monday, it must be our meeting day

Meetings can provide an excellent forum for team building and communication yet often merely waste time. Why does an activity with so much potential become a depressing and wasteful experience? I would suggest that the problem lies with organizations’ ineptitude in conducting meetings. Too many groups fail to run meetings well, and their poor results … Read more →

What a waste of money!

Recently we were introducing a new performance appraisal program that we had designed into a client’s organization. Part of our work entailed conducting training and orientation sessions for the total employee body. We started our session by asking the question, “Who looks forward to their performance appraisal?” When working with the management group we added … Read more →