A sustainability tour with Asia Pulp and Paper

In 2013, Asia Pulp and Paper, one of the largest paper producers in the world, released its Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020, a comprehensive strategy structured around 10 key touchpoints for sustainably managing its sprawling operations. These included fibre sourcing, reforestation, conservation and biodiversity, community empowerment and human rights. That roadmap will conclude in about a … Read more →

A new Gutenberg Bible and other musings

Print 18 and new association cause for good news  Let me ruminate on a few things this time out. First up, how would you like a reproduction of the book that started this industry?  Taschen, a Cologne-based publisher of fat, luscious, beautiful books that celebrate design, photography, fashion and other artistic endeavours, this summer released … Read more →

On the road with Esko and Ricoh user conferences

The digital transformations of packaging and commercial printing  We were on the road in June, attending two user conferences: EskoWorld in broiling (40°C) San Antonio, TX, and Ricoh Interact, in more temperate Boulder, CO.  These industry user groups always present a good opportunity to gauge certain sectors of the industry. Unlike industry-wide tradeshows, which give … Read more →

Takeaways from Xeikon Café North America

In mid-May we attended Xeikon Café in Chicago, one the user groups that are proliferating around the industry. A mix of motivational speakers, printer panels and industry consultants produced a three-day event full of company updates, market intelligence and substantive advice for finding success in today’s evolving industry. It’s worth noting that this year marks … Read more →

2018 investment survey

Our first investment survey shows an industry in transition and in a hopeful mood. Welcome to our first survey – a look at how printers plan to invest this year and next. We also tried to gauge the mood of the industry, and were pleasantly surprised. It’s not wine and roses to be sure, but most … Read more →

Two compelling versions of print

Over the last month I saw print as both forward-looking and nostalgic   We all experience print in several ways. Over the last few weeks, I got to see and experience both the exciting ways in which print is moving forward, and the role it played in a more nostalgic era. The first experience was … Read more →

Have women really come far in this industry?

Thoughts and experiences on a complex topic Deborah Corn, the director of the Print Media Center in the U.S. and the self-styled Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, recently wrote a blog addressing sexual harassment in the industry. It’s getting a lot of attention and support all over the internet. “How many penises have you seen … Read more →