Personalized URLs: What makes them tick


The use of personalized URLs as the latest way to grab attention and market products started as a trickle and turned into a flood.

These URLs take recipients to their own individual landing pages (www.janesfurniture/bobsmith). There, recipients enter personalized mini-sites that greet them by name, personalize pages based on their stated preferences or information from the marketer’s database and record visitors’ behavior while on the site. Sites can range from extremely simple to vastly complex.

Getting personal with 1:1

getting personal with 1 to 1 printing

We’re now entering the second decade of 1:1 printing. It’s had lots of names – variable data printing, 1:1 printing, personalized printing and data-driven printing among them. Regardless of what you call it, it has delighted and vexed printers and marketers alike.

Done right, personalization offers tremendous opportunity. The mountains of case studies attest to that. But as the marketing environment changes, the type of single-channel 1:1 campaigns that printers have come to understand has begun to require an even greater wealth of marketing expertise than most printers have developed.

Digital printing: it’s not about technology anymore

Digital printing: it's not about technology anymore

“Digital Printing: Transforming Business and Marketing Models,” an educational report offered by Digital Printing Reports, opens with the statement, “The importance of digital printing has nothing to do with the technology — its costs, its output capabilities, or the applications it can produce . . . It’s about transforming how you think about marketing.”