Customer value all year round

With a new year on its way, we are all encouraged to look ahead, and well we should! It is a wonderful time to make lifestyle changes, re-evaluate goals, and make plans for the future. They say that there comes a time in every person’s life when he must stop looking forward at the person … Read more →

Setting up a start up

If you are thinking about setting up your own business, you’ll want to start by checking locally available resources. There is a wealth of information accessible and best of all, it’s often free. Check out what your city or town offers in terms of economic development for local entrepreneurs, or go online and seek help. … Read more →

Design your own home workspace

In the graphic arts industry, working from home can be a great alternative to full-time employment. Working from home provides great flexibility and allows you to work whenever you choose—so if those creative juices flow at midnight, working from home could be a great alternative to a nine-to-five job. If you prefer a non-traditional work … Read more →

Tapping into typography

At the core of most, if not all, graphic design is typography.  Graphic design, for the most part, is a combination of words and art, creating a visual image for the consumer to interpret.  The way a designer chooses to work with a given text has a major impact on a promotional piece! A quick … Read more →

Best retirement gift ever

My birthday’s coming up this month, and I’m planning on giving myself the best present ever. This year, I’m giving myself more than a million dollars for my birthday. Let me explain: if you replace the words “million dollars,” with “RRSP”, you may start to understand where I’m coming from. It’s springtime, and since I … Read more →

So you want to be a graphic designer

Our company recently put an ad in the local paper seeking a graphic designer. I never expected to get such an overwhelming response! Perhaps you, or someone you know, have recently decided that you would like to enter the profession full–time. If you love doodling, picking colours, creating, and using computer programs, a career as … Read more →

Colour your world

Did you wake up this morning and get dressed in a pink shirt? If you’re a fashionable young heterosexual man these days, the answer could very well be “Yes!” Ten years ago,  you would have been laughed at—but today, pink is a perfectly acceptable colour choice for any man.Think pink is just a fad? Even … Read more →

A question of loyalty

How loyal are your customers?  It’s often true that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers, but with the plethora of printing options available to your customers today, it’s not enough to simply assume that customers will keep coming just because they always have. The need to keep repeat customers has resulted … Read more →

Variable data systems

As one looks forward into this still-new year, it is only natural to wonder what’s in store, both personally and professionally. While I can’t pretend to predict your future, I am confident that our industry can look forward to a continuation of trends from 2005 and 2006. Overseas and online print31% of U.S. corporate design … Read more →

Business cards: today and tomorrow

Few people really know the history of a business card.  As far back as the 17th century, business cards – or “Visiting Cards” as they were called at the time, were used by visitors who wrote messages and signatures on them.  They are said to have appeared first in France.  “Trade cards” were also major … Read more →

Fall – Time for a fresh start

As the year passes by, there are several major events that always encourage us to "start fresh." First, there's the famous January 1st, when we all make our "New Year's Resolutions." Then there's the spring…signs of new life are everywhere, from the trees sprouting new buds to animals being born. We clear out our garages … Read more →

Meeting deadlines

OK, I admit it. I submitted this article late. Not just half an hour late – I'm talking a couple of days here. I'm talking a few e-mails flying in from our wonderful editor asking "Are you sending an article in?" I'm talking about writing an article after hours! So now here I am, on … Read more →