Grand intentions to greater sales

I learned a powerful lesson about selling from a 15 year old.  My wife and I had just picked up a dog from the humane society.  On the way home, we stopped at a pet store to pick up some dog food, a dish, and a leash.  I’m figuring this stop will take eight minutes. … Read more →

10 ways to break it to them gently

Diplomacy tips that keep customersWhen corporations ask me to train their employees in order to enhance customer retention, I find one skill-set that is frequently weak—how to diplomatically give customers bad news.  Unfortunately, the task of giving bad news goes with almost every job.  You may have to inform your customers of a price increase, … Read more →

Are you too busy to be productive?

Let's be frank — if you work for a company, then your primary goal is to make money.  Period.  You may have secondary goals to serve the interests of your customers, employees, and be a good corporate citizen, but your number one priority is strictly return on investment.  Profit. When I speak at conventions and … Read more →

Are your people problems really the issue?

I’ve discovered an interesting phenomenon when organizations bring me in to help "motivate their people."  They may be suffering from customer complaints, staff turnover, or a lack of teamwork. At first glance, these appear to be front line people problems. What we frequently find however is that most problems involving attitudes and teamwork are actually … Read more →

The shocking truth about your image

Four bizarre reasons customers may not like you Fair or not, we’re often judged on first impressions. This harsh reality is nowhere better seen than in today’s ultra-fast business world where customers size you up in a second based on your personal image. Since their impression of you will determine whether or not they want … Read more →

Keeping Customers When Things Go Wrong

Inadequately trained front line employees chase away repeat customers and referrals, spread damaging word-of-mouth advertising, and become frustrated and de-motivated because they’re constantly dealing with upset customers. On the other hand, by applying just a few critical people skills, front line employees can create such positive feelings – for both themselves and their customers, that … Read more →

Keeping Customers When Things Go Wrong

On the other hand, by applying just a few critical people skills, front line employees can create such positive feelings – for both themselves and their customers, that an upset customer will become even more loyal. They’ll be transformed from being a critic to becoming an advocate. Here are five key strategies: 1. Focus on … Read more →

Are You Too Busy to be Productive?

To find out how, answer the following questions according to your current practices. Then read the accompanying suggestion for the best way to optimize your time and effectiveness. What is normally your first task of the day? a) returning phone calls b) administrative paperwork c) work on strategic projects d) dealing with customers e) responding … Read more →

For Openers

The way you and your front line employees greet walk-in customers has a huge impact on your bottom line. Here are some tips to ensure that you and your employees greet customers in a way that makes them want to buy and keep coming back. 1. Show that you recognize them If you deal with … Read more →

The Shocking Truth About Your Image

Ironically, when corporations bring me in to speak at conventions on how to boost customer retention, I often find that there’s been little or no professional training for employees about personal image. Since it’s often awkward to confront employees on these sensitive issues, you need some ammunition to make the task easier. Here are four … Read more →